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  1. Psyko-M1

    Multi Irem M92

    M92 games are the raddest of the bunch. Look forward to the multi. Hopefully the wait isnt that long.
  2. Psyko-M1

    [FREE] NEO-GEO MV1C and MV1FZ motherboards - Giveaway Concluded.

    Ok... since @twistedsymphony chose 69, I'll take 38
  3. Psyko-M1

    Sega Model 2/3 A/B/C - CRX and how I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

    Correct, the video out of a Model 2 is 24K. You seem to have everything down but you will need to throw it at an OSSC or a scaler to translate the signal. Your PVM/CRT looks like it doesn't support it. Plus you shouldn't apologize for necro-commenting on a thread. That's what it's good for...
  4. Psyko-M1

    New Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    The NamcoSystem1 is a MUST BUY. I was hearing things I never heard before. Some of the stereo separation from 1987 is so wild. Splatterhouse sounds like a brand new game. If you want to hear it for yourself using the Multi, I go through just about every single game.
  5. Psyko-M1

    New Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    The unveiling of the Namco System 1 "enhancement kit" is tonight! Time: 8PM Central (Tuesday 02-02-2021) Stop in, I'd love to chat with y'all! Twitch Link: Http:// Spread the word: Twitter:
  6. Psyko-M1

    New Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    I'm very excited and honored to be a part of this reveal. Looking forward to this week @everten
  7. Psyko-M1

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    So let me get this straight, this essentially turns your CPS1 DASH nto a CPS1.5? Am I reading this correctly?
  8. Psyko-M1

    SOLD: Vewlix Diamond (White) +Taito LCD +JAMMA Kit +2P Panel

    If there's a Vewlix that's worthy of being in a museum, it's one of @jassin000 's cabs. GLWS
  9. Psyko-M1

    Official Interest list for Namco NA System Multi by Hammy (PCB design by Caius Arcade Repairs & Engineering)

    Looks like my SystemNA I ordered back in early November is finally making it to me from Germany... Oh the hype.
  10. Psyko-M1

    Seibu SPI region changer -SPI REVIVE-

    I'll check this out and report my findings. I have a semi-faulty board. Everything worked before the battery swap. It doesn't. Tried with 2 carts. It gives me a checksum with different numbers per cart. Raiden Fighters 1 goes through the flash process, and doesn't load when I flip the...
  11. Psyko-M1

    Seibu SPI region changer -SPI REVIVE-

    I have a board that is now showing CHECKSUM after a battery swap. Does this fix this issue?
  12. Psyko-M1

    ZN1 Bios board arrives!

    This is rad @Hammy Beautiful work. You have my attention once again.
  13. Psyko-M1

    Price Check:

    100-150. Maybe settle somewhere in the middle and include shipping.
  14. Psyko-M1

    Egret 2 - Movestrip and Marquee Backlight

    I'm going to persue this endeavor. Maybe early next year for sure. Thank you for the detail pics.
  15. Psyko-M1

    Nanao MS9 Horizontal Size not Filling Screen

    THANKS FOR THIS VIDEO. You can use Close Captions and Auto Translate and it helps you understand.