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  1. fuzzbuddy

    WTB: CPS1 C board (B-04)

    Does anyone have a B-04 C board? Can anyone reprogram a C Board to be a B-04?
  2. fuzzbuddy

    WTB: Varth USA PCB + Ninja Spirit Roms + Ryu Jin, PC Genjin/Bonk PCB,

    Looking for these 2 PCBs: Ryu Jin PC Genjin / Bonk's adventure
  3. fuzzbuddy

    WTB: WTB Egret II cabinet Wiring Loom

    The complete cabinet loom (Jamma Edge, speakers etc.)
  4. fuzzbuddy

    Exa Kit Box Protectors (mid January) Precious Cardboard - Sold Out!

    I am going to make a batch of Exa box protectors (long kit boxes). Let me know if you're interested and how many you want. Would you guys be happy with these dimensions? 625x96x96mm Thick 0.7mm PET Cost should be £20. Only 200 will be made. 197 confirmed so far. If you're not an Exa fan...
  5. fuzzbuddy

    FT: Loads of Nice PCBs (Want PC Genjin Kaneko and Gunball Data East)

    For Trade: Gamshara Original PCB mint (original with labels). Air Gallet Original PCB mint (original with labels). Dogyuun Original PCB mint (original with labels). Looking for: Gunball Data East PC Genjin Kaneko
  6. fuzzbuddy

    Exa Arcadia system (mint as new) latest firmware 1.4 (Last reduction)

    Selling my original Exa unit - in case someone wants a cheaper unit. Includes original box and inserts. Mint / new condition. Running the latest 1.4 firmware, so it's ready for SDOJ Exa and other future releases ;) Price - £1800 now £1750 £1700 1600 shipped.
  7. fuzzbuddy

    WTB: Wild Guns NTSC-US - Mint Complete ($2000+ offer)

    Offering $2000+ for a pristine US SNES Wild Guns - must include the registration card. :love:
  8. fuzzbuddy

    IC: Taito Canary Small Panel (group order) *CLOSED*

    arcadegame - 2 *PAID* Zak - 2 *PAID* Matt5cott - 1 *PAID* Geldra - 2 *PAID* PunkicCyborg - 1 *PAID* Benime - 1 *PAID* voyou1 - 1 10 taken. 0 spaces left. Getting identical Taito Canary small style panels made up (non start button type). Is there any interest here? I should have some...
  9. fuzzbuddy

    WTB various PCBs (Gun Ball, Mad Shark, PC Genjin etc.)

    Looking for these in clean condition with original labels: Mad Shark Gun Ball Raiden DX JP Dragon Blaze Black heart JP PC Genjin / Bonk Change Air Blade Willow JP Strider JP (first release) Cannon Dancer Tenkomori Shooting (English) Gaiapolis (English)
  10. fuzzbuddy

    Capcom Q Sound Amp

    I bought this on yahoo last year, but I no longer need it: £400 shipped (UPS tracked 1-3 day) Yes, it's not cheap, but it wasn't last year either.
  11. fuzzbuddy

    WTB: CAVE Swag (list inside)

    Here is a list of the CAVE stuff I'm missing. This will complete my collection :love: ====================== Posters: DFK 1.0/1.5 DOJ White Label Feveron Esprade Toresetsu: Ibara Dodonpachi Promo Flyers: DOJ Black Label Misc: Muchi Muchi pork move strip Deathsmiles II CAVE PC...
  12. fuzzbuddy

    Deathsmiles 2 PC (original CF card image)

    Has anyone got a backup of the original CF card image? I believe it has 2 partitions on it. Would greatly appreciate anyone who has a backup of the original CF card :love:
  13. fuzzbuddy

    WTB: Deathsmiles 2 PC (broken is ok) + Poster

    Anyone willing to sell a Deathsmiles 2 PC (broken is ok too!) :love: Also looking for the poster rolled - offering loads of money for it, as it's the last one I need.
  14. fuzzbuddy

    Viewlix I/O Loom

    Does anyone make these by any chance?
  15. fuzzbuddy

    WTB Undercover Cops Japanese PCB with License seal (Or Alpha Renewal)

    Looking for a clean Undercover Cops PCB - name your price ;)
  16. fuzzbuddy

    FS: NOS Aero City Art + Canary CP + Various PCBs

    Aerocity NOS surround art (not a repro) - £200 Canary CP - includes the very rare back plate and large dust washers! - £220 Gundhara PCB - £800 Daisenpu (Toaplan) with full art set -...
  17. fuzzbuddy

    WTB: Area 88 PCB + Fire Barrel PCB + Tonma

    Hey chaps :) Want to buy: Fire Barrel - clean Japanese PCB Area 88 - clean Japanese PCB Legend of Hero Tonma - clean Japanese PCB For Trade: NOS Egret 3 Side art and yen sticker NOS Egret 2/3/Atomiswave Illumination panel Daisenpu (Toaplan) with full art set. The is the harder...
  18. fuzzbuddy


    Hi guys :) I'm sure many of you know me from system11, Arcade Otaku and Neo Arcadia. Been meaning to join the forum for a while and I finally have! ;) Looking forward to having a browse and interact with the members here.