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  1. Derick2k

    Sega Dino King Cab Parts

    Anyone need any off these parts off a Sega Dino King Cab? Also have the original front plexi and some other bits. Free just pay shipping @rewrite I think you wanted these??
  2. Derick2k

    FS: Stock TTX2 w/o drives/lids or trade for PS5 Disc Version

    TTX2 units without drives/lids. All stock with JVS only. Have 2 available - $250ea + shipping Also willing to trade both units for a PS5 Disc Version if someone got a spare one :D , if localish to NYC even better as dont have to ship. Added pics, didtn realize these are basically mint units...
  3. Derick2k

    FS: Ringwide Melty Blood AACC

    $250 Shipped in US Open to offers or trades Ringwide Melty Blood AACC Original Keychip/Drive Copies of Manual & Arts Included PSU with switched plug and harness 2P works on a single cab Latest revision release on the ringwide Clean in and out
  4. Derick2k

    FS - MVS Carts

    MVS carts, accepting offers for all/individually Windjammers seems to be in pretty nice condition. Dont know what the label/number on the side of the cart is for. Windjammers sold - $235 shipped MS3 - Pending Sale
  5. Derick2k

    QSound Kit??

    Anyone know what this guy is selling? I guess its some type of home kit for qsound circuitry? So with this and a amp can you replace the qsound amps found in some cabs? Maybe adapt it to get the qsound effect from non qsound amped cabs...
  6. Derick2k

    SOLD - JP “Skeleton” Sega Saturn, near mint condition.

    Selling $350 shipped in US, offer or trade. JP “Skeleton” Sega Saturn, near mint condition. 2x Controllers and cables I have Fram chip for it, not installed
  7. Derick2k

    SOLD: Boxed CPS3 SF3 New Gen Darksoft Multi Kit with repro cart

    Asking $1000 shipped in the US or make me an offer SF3 - New Gen boxed kit CPS3 Motherboard Rev 2 SF3NG CD with case/sleeve 3x 128mb & 1 64mb simms included (needs an additional 128mb & 64mb simm for 3rd Strike, if I find them ill throw them in, too much stuff to go thru right now) Original New...
  8. Derick2k

    Wanted: Capcom/Sega CP with Dreamcast ports.

    Looking to buy/trade/borrow a Capcom/Sega CP with Dreamcast ports, I want to make some repros.
  9. Derick2k

    Must have games on the PGM??

    What are the must have games on the PGM, besides the Cave ones/conversions? Or the top ranking games? Demon Front Killing Blade Martial Masters Oriental Legends The Gladiator Any of the KOVs
  10. Derick2k

    SOLD - CPS3 Darksoft Multi Kit with Hursit Silver Case and extras

    SOLD Asking $1200 + shipping or make me an offer SF3 - 2nd Impact Kit (no box) CPS3 Motherboard Rev 3 Full set of original simms Darksoft Repro Cart with SuperBios/Standard SH2 Scsi2SD v5.1 w/ SD Card PreFlashed SCSI/Power Cables & SCSI Drive 2nd Impact CD Cart security/hold down bracket &...
  11. Derick2k

    WTB - DC Digital Kit for Dreamcast

    Looking to buy a DC Digital kit made by Dan for the Dreamcast, if anyone has a spare let me know.
  12. Derick2k

    WANTED: Namco System 2 Games

    Looking to buy/trade for some Nanco System 2 games: Dragon Saber Marvel Land Ordyne Rolling Thunder 2 Phelios Mirai Ninja Never got any of these, dont know why.
  13. Derick2k

    SOLD: Lot of MVS Carts

    Sale / Trade the lot or individually make me an offer. $500 + shipping takes the lot, I dont really have time to sell individually so you get a deal and I get cash plus my space back :biggrin: Some might be boots. All sold as is! Blazing Star Soccer Brawl Nightmare in the Dark Metal Slug 2...
  14. Derick2k

    SOLD: CPS3 Darksoft Multi Setup - JP 3rd Strike Ready to Play

    Selling my backup CPS3 multi kit - Asking $900 shipped within the USA or MMAO (Make Me An Offer :) ) International will have to quote/pay extra for shipping. CPS3 Rev 3 Motherboard (looks mint) Full set of simms 3rd Strike JP Cart w/ Darksoft SuperBios/Custom SH2 3rd Strike JP CD Scsi2SD w/ SD...
  15. Derick2k

    WTB/WTT: Battle Bakraid / Battle Garegga Arts - Rapid Hero

    Looking to buy/trade for arts/pop/manual/boxes (whatever materials came in the kits) for: Battle Bakraid Battle Garegga Also looking for the following PCBs: Rapid Hero Air Gallet Batsugun
  16. Derick2k

    SOLD: VARTH - CPS1 boardset in Shell

    VARTH CPS1 Boardset in OEM case "DASH" A board. Fully functional, battery recently replaced. Asking $350 shipped in the US, also open to offers.
  17. Derick2k

    FS/FT - Sega Sys16B games

    Have the following System 16 games for sale, pcbs only, all sys16b all fully working. These are all in original condition afaik, either some form of batteries, encryption etc. Sold/Traded Shinobi Golden Axe Tetris Altered Beast Will probably not sell: Wonderboy 3 - Might decide to keep it...
  18. Derick2k

    SOLD - Sega STV MB & Darksoft Multi Cart

    Selling/Trading a spare STV Multi setup Sega STV MB Darksoft Multi Cart w.SD card Everten Audio & Kick adapter pcb Dont know what these are going so make me an offer for cash and/or trade LCD Selector (If i find it, cant guarantee it) Will post pics tomorrow. SOLD $390
  19. Derick2k

    SOLD: Salamander 2 rom board

    Salamander 2 rom board with copied arts/manual, no motherboard. i know someone was looking for this. Just cant remember who. SOLD: $150 shipped
  20. Derick2k

    FS/FT: PC Engine GT w/ 3.5" RGB Screen Mod

    PC Engine GT. Professionally modded and fully recapped 3.5" Screen RGB LCD driver board Glass screen lens (No AC adapter included) Asking $750 shipped in the US Make an offer/trade, etc... This is far below the cost of parts and labor. This is not the lower cost composite screen mod that can...