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  1. JoeAwesome

    Sega Rev. b I/O; Super Neo 29 candy control panel

    Looking to buy the I/O in the title. Anyone able to sell at $45 shipped in the US? HMU. Also looking to buy a two player panel for a Super Neo 29 candy, preferably 6 or 7 button, but I'll consider a 4 button. No idea on price, though.
  2. JoeAwesome

    Positive feedback for bagheera369

    @bagheera369 sent me an offer a couple of months ago for a project cab, a Neo Candy 29, and while it was easy to work out a deal, the pandemic put a hold on things. Lucky for me, he patiently held the cab until I could pick it up this past weekend. bagheera369 was extremely informative...
  3. JoeAwesome

    WTB: Candy Cab in TX

    Anyone have a Japanese cab (Astro, New Net, Blast City, Madonna, etc.) for sale in the state? Looking more for a project with a working monitor at a reasonable price ($300-$700 range), so let me know what you have and where I could possibly pick it up!
  4. JoeAwesome


    Anyone have one or know someone with one for sale in-state? Preferably under 20" so I can use it for testing/enjoyment on my bench. Anything below a $200 price point would certainly be looked at so long as its RGB capable. I've got an LMD, but I'm looking for a box that takes up space :D...
  5. JoeAwesome

    NAOMI Universal Cabinet European "Deconversion" (DONE!)

    Hi, everyone. The intent of this thread is to hopefully show how to "deconvert" a European NAOMI Universal Cabinet (hereafter referred to as "Euro NUC") to a Japanese/US version ("JPN NUC"). There may be other cabinets in a similar situation, such as 18 Wheeler stand-up NUCs. Mine came from...
  6. JoeAwesome

    PC: NAOMI parts and carts

    Hi, everyone. As I'm slowly restoring my NAOMI universal cabinet, I'd like to get an understanding of how much these particular parts and carts will cost. I'm not looking to buy all of this at once, but I'd like a good gauge at what to look for. Need: Coin box lock, tang and key (doesn't have...
  7. JoeAwesome

    Wanted: Custom Toaplan chip in Wardner/Sky Shark (all versions) boards

    Hi everybody, I've recently purchased a Wardner/Pyros pcb on here, and didn't fully realize it's missing a custom chip (W.T.C02). I had thought it was just another chip to find the code for and burn onto an EPROM, but in research, it's a custom chip Toaplan used for protection. So now my only...
  8. JoeAwesome

    Hello from TX

    Hi, everyone. I'm Joe from Texas. I've lurked for a little bit, but decided to join as I'm finding useful information about cabs. Currently, I play PCBs with a Sigma Raijin, but very recently picked up a Sega Naomi Universal cab I'm restoring. I hope to find information and some help to get it...