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  1. Solodus

    WTB Naomi Universal Stand Up Driver Control Panel

    I recently aquired a standup universal cab thats missing a steering wheel. I need either a Jambo Safari, Outrun 2, or Crazy Taxi control panel. If you have one, shoot me a pm. Thanks!
  2. Solodus

    FS: Min-Hong +5v/16A, +12v/4A, -5v/1A power supplies available at

    New product alert! We are now carrying Min-Hong 16A power supplies. These power supplies are 110v/220v capable. Here are the output voltages: +5v/16A +12v/4A -5v/1A These are low-noise, low-cost, and high-reliability power supplies. Get yours for only $19.99 at...
  3. Solodus

    FS: Suzo Happ Control Kits at

    Hello, I have put together an easy to use layout for 12-button kits on my website. You can choose either standard Happ concave buttons or competition buttons. Buying them this way, you save about $5. The kits come with: 12 Cherry or Zippy microswitches, whichever you choose. You can also...
  4. Solodus

    FS Jamma Harness Labels at $1/sheet of 10

    Hello, I'm selling sheets of laser printed jamma harness labels on my website. They are $1/sheet and they come with 10 labels. They are printeed on matte permanent adhesive backed sheets. Here is the link to view what they look like and to order if you're interested...
  5. Solodus

    Sega Model 1 Virtua Fighter graphics issue

    I recently picked up a Virtua fighter cab. I replaced the power supply and was able to get it to boot. The issue I'm having, is that the character models aren't showing up. Everything else shows up (backgrounds, menus,HUD) just no character models. Anyone have an idea what could be going on?
  6. Solodus

    SALE OVER PLEASE DELETE Black Friday Sale at

    10% off the entire store and free shipping on everything! Sale runs from 11/28/2019-12/2/2019
  7. Solodus


    Hey everyone! I'm having a 15% off sale this ENTIRE week! The discount will be applied at checkout, and shipping for orders over $35 are FREE. Here is the price of everything in my store during the sale: Pandora's Box 9 - $50.99 Pandora's Box 9 w JAMMA harness - $55.24 Brook Converters - $33.99...
  8. Solodus

    Gorf project, War Final Assault, and Extreme Hunting for sale

    Gorf project: The monitor works. Missing control panel, bezel, etc. Will post pictures in a bit. Asking $150 Extreme Hunting: the board works fine. The monitor is playing blind but has neck glow. Asking $300 as is. War Final Assault: Works and plays great. I'd give it a 7/10 for appearances...
  9. Solodus

    Various Jamma PCBs for sale - PRICE REDUCED

    If you're interested in any of these boards, please send me an email to Price includes shipping. All prices are negotiable. I'll also have to charge 7% sales tax. Time Killers - boots with minor video issue that goes away after it's on for a bit. $100 Police...
  10. Solodus

    Introducing Retro City Arcade Shop

    Hi Guys! I recently opened an online store selling arcade parts. I'm starting small because I'm funding this out of pocket at the moment. I currently have Happ buttons, Cherry microswitches, Brook Switch converters, Pandora's Boxes, and Chamma adapters. I'm hoping to place an order for Sanwa...
  11. Solodus

    Wanted 3rd Strike Art Set

    I'm primarily looking for the move strip art, the how to play art, and the how to play art with Remy on it. If you have a set or some scans, please let me know.
  12. Solodus

    WTB CPS3 64MB SImms

    I'm looking for a 64MB simm so I can install the Superbios onto my CPS3 board. Thanks!
  13. Solodus

    Hello from North Carolina, USA

    I've been lurking for awhile but I figured it's time to finally introduce myself. I love older fighting games. 3rd Strike, Killer Instinct, Super Turbo etc.. I own a couple of arcade machines and I'm hoping to open up an arcade one day.