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  1. wigsplitta

    SOLD! : Naomi Compact Flash Kit & Games

    Selling one of the Walsdawg/Summit Naomi CF kits (I've changed to a PI/Netdimm setup) as showcased by the main man himself here: Naomi CF Kit and DIMM Conversion Services £100 inc tracked/insured postage to the UK. (Postage quotes for EU on request) Sold! USA members - you can get the kit...
  2. wigsplitta

    The Punisher CPS1.5 (desuicided) issues [resolved]

    Posted on AO earlier, and adding it here too to see if anyone has a suggestion or two of what might be the cause and resolution to some issues I'm having with The Punisher? Board was decuicided before I got it, and no changes have been made by me. It has been working perfectly fine for a few...
  3. wigsplitta

    CPS3 SuperBIOS = CPS2 Resurrection

    A few different people/parties were involved in making the SuperBIOS, roms, tools and tutorials required. I don't want to miss anyone out, so i'll just say a massive thanks to EVERYONE involved :thumbsup: Got a broken/dead CPS2 All-in-One SFZ3 the other day. The battery was still good, so my...
  4. wigsplitta

    CPS3 SuperBIOS - Blank/Black Screen [solved]

    I'm having issues getting my SuperBIOS cart(s) to work. I've probably just forgotten to do something simple as I haven't played this for a couple of months, but when I try and load, all I get is a blank/black screen screen. I've got the following HW : Standard, unmodified dead 2I cart |...