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  1. ekorz

    [Found] Tekken / Namco 44 pin harness

    Anyone got a spare Namco kick harness? Came with Tekken etc. Maybe you upgraded to the JNX one and this is in your parts box now?
  2. ekorz

    Boot Camp #2 - CPS1 A failure

    Who loves dead A boards?? This one at least shows me a bit of color pattern on startup, giving me hope. A boards are hard for me to troubleshoot currently because so much of the pcb is obscured by the B board. No room for my normal probes :( so I just ordered a cable kit that reorients the A...
  3. ekorz

    Boot Camp #1 - Gundam EX Revue

    To add to my Lucky Moron PCB Repair series, I decided to start this sub-chapter called Boot Camp. Previously I fixed things that were just sort of not-working, but now we'll really get into it where the board doesn't even boot. To add to the fun, I don't actually know what I'm doing and don't...
  4. ekorz

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair - #4 Killing Blade PGM Cart

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair Episode 4: Killing Blade PGM Cart (or: Fluffy's carts are superior) This game got swapped into a lot deal at the last minute when the seller couldn't find his promised Dynax mahjong title. Despite it's lack of worth I did receive a video of it working beforehand, and upon...
  5. ekorz

    IC: PVM 20L5 boston metro

    On Friday I'll be extracting my PVM 20L5 from my office in downtown crossing. Anyone been hunting one? I'm about 50/50 on selling this, but I'm curious if there's local interest. pics that I had taken wayyy before lockdown, except Time Crisis 3 looks better now, that was...
  6. ekorz

    Gunbird 2 Audio Improvement [WIP, help wanted]

    I've been working with Psikyo boards a lot, and recently noticed the audio quality differed greatly between the two PS5-pcb-layout games, Gunbird 2 and Strikers 1945iii/1999. Gunbird 2 suffers from what seems like video interference. This issues has been mentioned before on AP and elsewhere, but...
  7. ekorz

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair - #3 Strikers 1945 II

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair Episode 3: Strikers 1945 II (or: Measure Once, Cut Anyway) Even though I know about The Glitch now (awesome stuff @Hatsune Mike!), I still suck at Dodonpachi and can't even 20cc it, so it was time to put that board away and load up to some good old-fashioned Psikyo...
  8. ekorz

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair - #2 Strikers 1999

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair Episode 2: Strikers 1999 (or: Sold "Tested Working 100%") Symptom: eBay seller willfully ignored the boot-up screen where it CLEARLY SHOWS "WORK RAM NG!" and sold the board as working anyway. Game also freezes several seconds into game-play. Why do I even eBay anymore...
  9. ekorz

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair - #1 Double Dragon

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair Episode 1: Double Dragon (or: how you would fix this pcb since you aren't @caius either) A local collector recently listed multiple boards for sale, and the combination of both a) geographically-nearby and b) reasonable-prices put me into a buying mood, even though...
  10. ekorz

    PCB Preheater

    I’m considering getting a pcb preheater for making smd work a bit easier and cleaner. Right now I just heat up the back side arbitrarily before I work on the front, but I’m well aware it’s not ideal as my pcbs inevitably warp slightly by the time I’m done. I would probably be satisfied by a UV...
  11. ekorz

    Not mine: Fighting Bujutsu full cab Not mine. I should buy it just for the pcb... But I don’t want to do that to a full cab so here’s hoping someone is also a rare fighter fan and can scoop this up.
  12. ekorz

    Final Fight 30th Anniversary Edition

    Look what just got released by Grego and Rotwang: Also the link Copy/paste from the Intro notes, emphasis mine... Final Fight 30th Anniversary Edition is a modification to Final Fight World, in mame, that enhances...
  13. ekorz

    Nanao ms-2931 buzz (fixed!)

    Been living with this for a while but I feel like I should address it now that flybacks are available. If it’s the flyback... I don’t see any cracks or arcing. this buzz is pretty consistent, I do think it gets slightly louder as the tube warms up. It will buzz at a higher rate at 24 or 31khz...
  14. ekorz

    WTB Darksoft Neo Geo MVS Multi cart (they have a lot of other kits in stock too
  15. ekorz

    [WTB] Star Trek Voyager security button

    Hi. Did you click on this because you have a Voyager gathering dust somewhere? Great. Sell me the stupid security button. Maybe the megajamma board if you want, I have one but two is always nice. I just need that button thing that looks like a battery but isn't. WTF is it even anyway??!
  16. ekorz

    Weird (to me) potentiometer code

    Hi All! I’m used to seeing potentiometer codes on stuff where the first two digits are a value, and the last digit it’s a factor of 10. So “202” is 20 x 10^2 or 2k ohms. Well I’m looking at 239. It’s not 23000000000 ohms... it meters at 2k (so 23 = 2 x 10^3 = 2000) so I’m wondering if the 9...
  17. ekorz

    MS9 remote board potentiometer values

    Anyone have a Nanao ms9 remote board handy? Could you grab the potentiometer values for the white trim pots? I melted mine. And I can’t see the values on the schematic. Yay! Otherwise I’m gonna buy another and store them here for posterity. I found a thread referencing the black ones but would...
  18. ekorz

    What smd is “pc”?

    Hopefully this is an easy one... R=resistor C=capacitor PC=???
  19. ekorz

    Time Crisis 3 contrast / sync [solved]

    I have TC3 running on a PVM, and, well, it looks like ass. For a long while I just assumed my namco IO just had some old caps and that its video was impaired. A few days ago, I replaced the io, and sadly had no change in image quality whatsoever. Then I learned that 2x6 games have a...
  20. ekorz

    [SOLD] Sony PVM-14L5, pickup in Boston, color issue. $75 local

    Hi All. Posting this on reddit crt also, but a bit later today or tomorrow. You get a head start! I bought a Sony PVM-14L5 PVM for $110+shipping last year. I meant to keep it around as a test bench monitor but it's just sat next to my desk literally all year. It has a color issue on the right...