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  1. RealMFnG

    3rd Strike Blast/NC/NNC Marquee

    Tried to keep it faithful to the original US arcade marquee with the cloudy green background and all. Preview below and link here.
  2. RealMFnG

    Made my own MAME boot intro

    Just wanted something simple unique and reminiscent of that era in time for me. Serious Blade Runner reference in it. Check it out:
  3. RealMFnG

    Positive Feedback for alberto1225!

    Bought a CP from him over a year ago and was not satisfied with the CPO. I did not even mention my issues with his CPO until well after a year. He took action anyway. He redesigned the CPO to re-time the coloring. Kept me updated with the status. Finally, he sent me a whole new CPO and I am very...
  4. RealMFnG

    Help with Schematic Interpretation

    Does this mean that Point 1 and Point 2 connect at one end of the resistor? Point 3 is simply a connection to a solder joint that is nothing more than a mount (no connection to any other signal path)? And is this what is meant by 1K ohm termination?
  5. RealMFnG

    Mini Testbench - Fork of Frank_fjs's Minigun

    Have been working on a simple PCB that shrinks the footprint of traditional test benches like this: Down to something like this (an early prototype): The problem of a traditional workbench is two-fold: The footprint as a result of the JAMMA harness wiring and the footprint needed for...
  6. RealMFnG

    System 16B - Audio Issue Followed from E-SWAT to Multi

    E-SWAT was acquired with dead audio. Converting to the multi did not produce audio either. Replaced the APU with this Z80 from Digikey (I hope that is the correct one). Audio is still dead. Upon turning up volume pot, I get a shrilling sound through the speakers. I can see the voltmeter change...
  7. RealMFnG

    Positive Feedback for ​drfunk2k & sheep_nova - CPS1 goodies!

    Both these guys are simplifying the process to get the upcoming CPS1 Multi up and running, plus their efforts are preserving CPS1 games and hardware. @drfunk2k has been going out of his way to get C-board overstock into the hands of hobbyists ahead of the upcoming multi. I don't have a way to...
  8. RealMFnG

    WTB (Locally): Monitor Less Candy Cab Project - NorCal area

    Let me know what you got if you got one for sale. Thanks!
  9. RealMFnG

    WANTED: Nanao MS9-29 Yoke & Convergence Rings

    Hi All, If you have a burnt up MS9-29 tube that still has the yoke and rings that you intend to scrap, please let me know if you can spare the yoke and convergence rings. Please PM if you do. Thanks!
  10. RealMFnG

    Wanted: Nanao MS9-29 Remote Board

    Let me know if you have a spare.
  11. RealMFnG

    MS9-29T & MS9-29SU - Static Sound but no Neck Glow or Image

    EDIT: MS9-29T fixed as of 4/16/20. Project log in spoiler: Upon power-up, I hear static filling the tube. But there is no neck glow. No image on screen. Reflowed solder around the high voltage area. Still nothing. I do plan on fully re-capping this chassis. But wondering if there is a quick...
  12. RealMFnG

    WTB: CPS-B-21

    Holla if you can spare a couple for repairs.
  13. RealMFnG

    Namco System 2 Derivatives - Final Lap & Four Trax - Conversion possible?

    Anyone know how/if this may be done and can set me off on how to get started?
  14. RealMFnG

    Die Hard Arcade Carts - Conversion Possible?

    I don't ever see myself playing Die Hard arcade. I have two carts that came with an ST-V cab and a spare mobo. And while I have the multi, would be nice to put the carts to use. Can these be converted? If so, to what games? What is the effort involved? Just EPROM burning? Thoughts?
  15. RealMFnG

    WTB: Nanao MS2930 Neck Board

    Please let me know if you have one. Thanks!
  16. RealMFnG

    Small vacuum tubes on Nanao Chassis neckboards

    I've seen them on MS2930's and MS8-29's. Anyone know where to get these in the proper values?
  17. RealMFnG

    WANTED: Sega New Net City Bezel

    Just need the black bezel for a flat monitor. Let me know if you have one to spare. Thanks!
  18. RealMFnG

    Alright School Me Please - Nanao MS2930/31/33 Tube Swap

    I think the worst case scenario just happened. Now I am in search of a TV that I can harvest a tube from, if at all possible. My buddy works at a recycle center/landfill. He says they have a ton of CRT's going through his facility, so I might have a leg up on finding a suitable donor and will...
  19. RealMFnG

    What are These Copper Coils?

    I have one of these that has started to unwind on a dead chassis. What is the official name of these things and how would on go about finding a suitable replacement for them, if possible? Can one be repaired or is it a matter of finding a suitable replacement off a parts board?
  20. RealMFnG

    3 Nanao MS9-29 Questions

    Vertical Height Squashed Image is vertically squashed and the height adjustment does not fill the screen all the way (horizonal works fine). It is not the remote board as the remote board is known to work on a good monitor. Going to recap the monitor for preventative maintence and good measure...