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  1. hotcuervo

    WTB TTX2

    Looking to buy a Taito Type x 2 board with video card. Hard drive not necessary. Let me know what you have. TIA
  2. hotcuervo

    Looking to buy Taito Type X2

    I'm looking to buy a ttx2 board with video card. hard drive is not necessary. Hit me up with what you got.
  3. hotcuervo

    Looking to buy Sanwa JLW-UM-8 Joystick

    Anyone here has a spare Sanwa JLW-UM-8 that want to sale? Please let me know how much and I will also cover shipping cost. TIA
  4. hotcuervo

    WTB Sega New Net City Lower Control Panel

    Looking for a good lower control panel for a Sega New Net City
  5. hotcuervo

    WTB 29" Toshiba crt for Sega NNC

    My 29" flat crt monitor for my Sega New net city went out and would like to buy one in working condition with little to no burn in. Pm me if you have one or know someone that has one for sale. TIA guys.
  6. hotcuervo

    WTB SNNC bottom Control Panel and jamma harness

    I have a Sega New Net City and I'm looking to buy a jamma harness with connectors and also looking for a lower control panel. Let me know what you have and price please. Thanks in advance.
  7. hotcuervo

    WTTrade Capcom Big Blue

    I have a near perfect condition Capcom Big Blue (1st Gen) with new kicker speakers. Crisp, no burn-in monitor (recently recapped) Wells Gardner k7400 chassis. New IL joysticks and buttons. New power supply. Already wired up with cps1,2,3 kick harness. I installed a 3S marquee but I still have...
  8. hotcuervo

    WTB CPS3 Acrylic case

    Let me know if anyone wants to sell a CPS3 Acrylic case.
  9. hotcuervo

    CPS3 New User Help 3ST

    Hello everybody, I purchased a cps3 pcb with 3rd Strike cartridge off of ebay from some guy in CA. Game works flawlessly. My dilemma is that there is no CD nor scsi2sd hooked up to it. How is this possible? Is this some sort of new cart mod? I've attached a picture of my set up. Thanks in...
  10. hotcuervo

    What’s up yall

    Hello everybody, I’m here in hope to make friends in the arcade community. I own a KI1 cabinet and a Capcom big blue.
  11. hotcuervo

    Kraylix V4 2 player fully built

    Kraylix V4 2 Player Arcade (Vewlix clone). For sale is my favorite cabinet but I'm in a financial shortage right now and I have to part ways with this cabinet. It is a Kraylix version 4 2 player fully built. I purchased all my arcade parts from Paradise arcade shop and Focus attack. Here's all...