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  1. pacoarcade

    [Unavailable] Pacogun JAMMA Supergun prototype

    Not available.
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    Voltage variation when moving Supergun power connector

    Hi! I'm using a MiniFit-Jr connector in my Supergun and after much use I'm experiencing some voltage variation when I touch the connector, up to 0.2 Volts with hungry boards. I'm not sure if this is expectable, maybe due to normal wear in the connector or because I'm currently using a somewhat...
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    Arcade related Kicad footprints

    I propose to share Arcade related Kicad footprints with the idea of making easier to design new devices and promote rookies to start learning how to design PCBs with this free software. These are mines, shared as Public Domain. They're uploaded as .zip since the forum doesn't allow .kicad_mod...
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    Picogun video buffer

    This is a video buffer to connect arcade boards to CRT tv sets. It's based on a THS7374 with DC coupled output for RGB, color calibration and a 74HC14 sync buffer outputting 75Ω ~400mV for SCART or TTL CSYNC. It's based on THS7374 documentation, RGB's sync message, viletim's sync message...
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    Shadow Warriors / Ninja Gaiden to Ninja Ryukenden

    Hi! this is the upgrade from a Shadow Warriors to latest Ninja Ryukenden. This is the version with two PCBs; I've seen another board with a 3rd EPROM board and a 74LS138 that has JP6 bridged. The only changed eproms are the labeled ones. I can confirm that this board works fine as seen in the...
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    Distorted music and noise in Double Dragon 2

    Hi, I came across a Double Dragon 2 copy. It works fine but the music sounds heavily distorted, specially in some tunes, and there is an annoying background buzzing noise. Maybe the YM3012? the opamp? bad caps?
  7. pacoarcade

    THS7373/THS7374 - To AC-couple or not to AC-couple?

    Hi! I've found this article and I'm a bit confused about what's the best option: To AC couple or not to AC couple? That's the question! I'm doing some tests with different TV sets and games and it works with both AC coupled and DC coupled outputs. Is it really convenient or adequate to AC...
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    Schmitt trigger buffer for CSYNC and Neo Geo MVS compatibility

    I'm looking to buffer CSYNC coming from arcade boards with a Schmitt trigger. I'm doing some experiments with a 74AHCT1G17 (single Schmitt trigger buffer) followed by a voltage divider. I've tried different boards and I get a stable ~350mV output. They work perfectly, that's very nice... but...
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    JEDEC to NON-JEDEC adapter - gerbers available

    Hi! I'm selling adapters like this one to burn 27C301 as AM27C010 without bending pins. It just swaps pins 2 and 24, and also features a footprint for a ceramic decoupling cap. They are ready to use, no soldering needed. Just select 27C010 profile to read or write NON-JEDEC 27C301 EPROMs. You...
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    JAMMA edge connectors

    I'm using LW-S28A2G from Taiwan. They have some gold plating and a perfect grip, and they have a good price. Looking for an improvement I've ordered a pair of Sullins connectors, the EBM28DRXH and EBM28DREH. EBM28DRXH is cheaper than EBM28DREH and I think the pins can be succesfully soldered to...
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    My supergun prototypes

    Initially when I made this post it was called Machinegun Supergun and the design was simpler, but it has evolved into Pacogun. It pretends to be a simple, safe and cost-effective way to connect JAMMA boards to SCART TVs and audio amplifiers or speakers, with a focus on audio and video quality...
  12. pacoarcade

    Looking for an accurate three gang potentiometer

    Hello, I'm working on a new setup and I'd like to know if someone can recommend me a reliable and accurate three gang pot for the R,G,B video signals. I've found P083N-071S1CBR1K at Mouser, with a Gang Error of maximum +/-3 dB (-40dB to 0dB). I'm not sure if this is good enough to get accurate...
  13. pacoarcade

    Is 93C46A a good replacement for Sunset Riders ER5911 ?

    Hi, looking for a ER5911 alternative I found this thread at arcade-museum where Riptor shows the 93C46 as an alternative. I've found there are 93C46A (128x8) and 93C46B (64x16). In the MAME driver it seems that ER5911 in Sunset Riders uses 8 bit configuration; in other place I found there are...
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    Golden Axe with faulty sprites repair log

    Got this golden axe with wrong sprites. My first thought was faulty custom chip or faulty rams so I ran the tests but it showed GOOD. Since this is not conclusive I used a working B board with this A board and I was happy to check that it worked flawlessly, whoohoo! 8o Then I extracted...
  15. pacoarcade

    My simple supergun setup

    Hi! after testing with different arcade pcbs and CRT TV sets I'm very pleased with this setup so I'd like to share how I configured it. I'm using these components: - Corcom 6EQ1 EMI filter - Ferrite bead (I plan to include more on the DC output) - Recapped Suzo 42PP0606 (MWP-606) - KEL...
  16. pacoarcade

    Golden axe (171-5797 rom board) set 1 world to japanese conversion, is it posible?

    I wonder if it's possible (and how to) to convert this board to japanese version. I've burned a5 and a7 to 27C020 with no success... later I realised they are 128KB instead of 256KB. In segas16b.cpp there is not much information about jumpers for this rom board. I think A5, A6, A7 and A8 are...
  17. pacoarcade

    25.175 MHz (instead of 25.1748 MHz) oscillator for Sega System 16B

    Hello, I'm looking to buy some 25.1748 MHz oscillators for Sega System 16B but I only find 25.175 MHz ones. Are they fine? I suppose they will work perfectly, but I want to be sure before placing the order.
  18. pacoarcade

    Sega System 16B CN1 connector replacement

    Hello, I have a Sega System 16B board with a broken pin in CN1 connector so I'm looking for a replacement. Do you know where can I find it, or the specifications of the connector to look for it?
  19. pacoarcade

    MV4FT2 with sound issues

    Hello, I have a MV4FT2 board that I'd like to repair. Using the Neo Diagnostics the board showed a Video Ram error. I replaced both 62256 VRAM chips and after that all I got was a white screen that turned cyan after a second. I was really pissed off thinking I broke it, but I tried again...
  20. pacoarcade

    Is IS62C256AL-45ULI a good Video Ram replacement for Neo Geo MVS?

    Hello, I need Neo Geo MVS video ram chips and I'd like to know if this replacement is ok: It's SOP 256kbits (32kx8) 45ns static ram so this is a nice replacement, right? I want to be...