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  1. waiwainl


    Bought 1945 PCB from him. Great guy to communicate with; well packaged. :thumbup:
  2. waiwainl

    Espgaluda CAVE (partial kit)

    Selling this partial kit, no box, to receive some new love elsewhere. Everything is original and is in very good shape. The instruction strip has the usual 'bend' in the middle but is not sharp. Price is € 750 + securely packaged T&T shipping
  3. waiwainl

    Positive feedback for AMS

    Bought a couple of boards from @AMS and it was a great exchange :thumbsup: Pleasant to talk with and good communications. Buy with confidence from him.
  4. waiwainl

    Where to source a SCART RGBs dongle?

    Hi, I saw Bob's post on the Scart Tester Board and was intrigued by the scart adaptor/dongel he used on the right. It is a SCART -> RGB sync (i.e. 4xRCA). I would like one of those, but can't seem to find one on eBay, Farnell, DigiKey, Amazon, aliExpress. Probably I am looking for the wrong...
  5. waiwainl

    Groove Coaster AC manual

    I am looking for a digital version of the manual of the Groove Coaster arcade (version doesn’t matter). With all my Google skills, I can’t seem to find it. PDF or photo’s of the pages is ok for me. Who can help me out? :thumbsup:
  6. waiwainl

    [IC] Sega New Net City cabinet with Toshiba PF

    Hello, Soon I would like to sell my Sega New Net City. It is in very good condition. Toshiba 29" Pure Flat (build in 2006), 15/24/31 kHz (some light burn in, which you don't see in games) Original JVS wiring Original PSU Original Audio and I/O boards Everything is very white - front bezel has...
  7. waiwainl

    Jamma Sync adjustment PCB for non-arcade monitors (2 solutions inside)

    At Kelvins Gaming Heaven I saw this board: He calls it "H-Shift circuits" with built in Sync leveling capabilities to ensure compatibility with non-arcade monitors. This is exactly what I need. It is created by JFWX - though Google can't help me finding this guy nor PCB board. Anybody got an...
  8. waiwainl

    M72 Dragon Breed - certain samples are not playing out

    Recently I purchased a M72 Dragon Breed. The board is looks clean and the game plays as I would expect. Except I noticed that certain samples are not played out: When inserting a coin, you should hear the dragon 'roar', but it sounds like a coughing old cat who is dying When the character...
  9. waiwainl

    WTB Taito F3 motherboard

    Looking for a Taito F3 motherboard. Region does not matter :) My current F3 mobo is malfunctioning. It has been looked at; some chips have been reflowed But there is most likely a short somewhere. Some of the sprites are displayed double and shifted X/ Please help me out with another mobo...
  10. waiwainl

    Side art for Konami Jubeat

    Does anybody have the side art for the Konami Jubeat ? I am fine if it is a digital scan, or repro or original. Or anybody know how to order it (probably from Konami?) My side art is heavily damaged and would like to replace it :)
  11. waiwainl

    Another CPS2 multi-boot?

    Or is it? This guy is selling this unique "CPS 2 LOADER (MULTI BOOT) PCB" over at eBay for a mere $900, claims the "country of Manufacture : Japan (Please check the PCB photo.)" On top of that, he raped the shell in the process to fit the LCD panel. Obviously all can see what really is inside...
  12. waiwainl

    Replacement fan?

    Playing my F3 multi heats up the mobo quite good. After a good 20 minutes play the heat-sink is untouchable hot and the audio starts to stutter. For some reason I never had this problem with normal carts, but perhaps I never played that much on them - I can't tell. The fan of my mobo is dead; I...
  13. waiwainl

    Sega System C2 Conversion: Bootleg -> Thunder Force AC

    After @Darksoft posted the Thunder Force AC modified roms at System C2 Conversions, I was eager to give it a go. I found a $10 board on eBay. This was a bootleg of course. All IC's were soldered. So they needed to be desoldered and sockets placed again: The EPROM IC's had to be erased with...
  14. waiwainl

    Barco ADVM20 Professional Monitor + 2x Pandora's Box2

    For sale. Located in The Netherlands. Barco Broadcast Monitor 20" State: Works like a charm, steady image, no scratches. Only used it for Composite and S-VHS Size: 20" screen Standards: Pal 4.43 / Pal M / Pal N / NTSC 3.58 / NTSC 4.43 / SECAM Inputs: Digital (BNC), Composite (BNC), Y/C (S-VHS)...
  15. waiwainl

    Sega System C2 conversions: all games patched and released

    Nice work! :thumbsup:
  16. waiwainl

    3D printed coin slot (sega naomi/net city)

    Looking for a design to print a Sega Naomi/Net City coin slot. Does anybody has it or know where to find it? :thumbsup: I checked thingieverse etc, but could not find this shape.
  17. waiwainl

    Vasara PCB no sound

    Recently bought the Vasara PCB from @suicider at shmups. It was very well packaged and the shipped box was in great shape. Strangely enough, I get no audio out of the board. The game works fine, no visual problems. Only the sound is completely missing, not even a crackle or anything. I did the...
  18. waiwainl

    Does TTX2 do SPDIF audio?

    I was trying to see if the SPDIF port on the TTX2 would actually work. In the specs of the HW it states it can support up to 7.1 channels audio. I tried to hook it up to my receiver, but nothing happend. Is the OS configured to actually route this through to the SPDIF port? Are the games...
  19. waiwainl

    Music on Darksoft's MVS Multi

    At the first Reveal video of Mitsurugi-w I though I recognized the menu music. With the second Reveal video I was sure what I heard; it is the same as the PC demo from Future Crew called "Second Reality", which I saw the first time either at The Party (Denmark) or Assembly (Finland), I can't...
  20. waiwainl

    Taito F3 "Volume" dial setting

    On the F3 there is a 'volume' dial which is used for Voltage. In the manual it is stated "Do not touch it, as it is set correctly before shipping". This does not help. I have various motherboards and they have different settings. @Darksoft or @Mitsurugi-w could you post a picture of your...