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  1. Mukuro_W

    Capcom impress repro sides art

    I have to repaint two Yellowed Capcon impress cabinets, just looking for repro sides art.
  2. Mukuro_W

    WTB: 2 x Capcom impress repro control panel

    I got a Capcom imoress in very good condition but without control panel and another one wich need the cp to be replaced too. Thanks in advance!
  3. Mukuro_W

    capcom cps3 kick harness not working-fixed

    on my JOJO no cd setup the fourth buttons not was working, after a better look discovered that the big custom chip DL-2929 IOU SD08-1513 not make good contact at some feet...detached and resoldered it in place and the kick haness turned 100% working.
  4. Mukuro_W

    sony pvm 1440qm repair log

    recently I took a kind of old pvm monitor from a kind of junkie, obviously a not working unit, it is a 1440qm 14" and comes with a scart rgb. I put this monitor on the work bench and after two days I totally repaired it and after analyzed the guns with my tube rejuv discovered that they are like...
  5. Mukuro_W

    Colour balance or aged picture tube?

    Hi have got another tube (ms29) for spare, this comes burn free and wonderfull colours but it is just a bit dimm on the darker areas and there it loses some details of the image, the contrast is high, the colors are good the white its ok but still have I have doubts about the calibration...
  6. Mukuro_W

    Is there anyone here who repairs the cps1 q sound boards?

    My Punisher and Slammaster boards have suicided, they were stored in the garage for 10 years :( I hope someone here can help me, I stay in Italy.
  7. Mukuro_W

    Looking for one who can phoenix my dead CPS2 board

    Hi! I have a cps2 Amored Warrios wich need to be phoenixed. May I know if someone can service these board in Eu? I have already tried to contact Razoola but I did not succeed.
  8. Mukuro_W

    Hello, I'm from Italy

    Hello everyone I'm Francesco from Italy, I'm really happy to make your acquaintance while we have the same passion for these classic video games. I consider the maximum still today to admire a good 15kz monitor with those masterpieces that the same capcom seems to have forgotten. I recently...