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  1. Flinnster

    [FS] Egret 2 & Egret 3 illumination panels (SOLD)

    Damn nice get on the E3 panel. I live on with my slightly borked one :|
  2. Flinnster

    Irem M72 incompatible with GBS-C?

    M72 uses 256 vertical pixel resolution, which is unlike other pcbs that use 240 /224. So yes, it's possible the M72 pcb signal is outside of the timings that the GBS is made to handle.
  3. Flinnster

    PGM Cart Dip-Switch Settings

    And just to aid the chaos here, I have high score saving on my battery enabled PGM motherboard with Espgaluda conversion cart in it.. with DIP switch 8 set to... OFF.
  4. Flinnster

    PGM Cart Dip-Switch Settings

    So the plot thickens! :huh: If I go into the test menu, and set the 'cave' settings like freeplay etc.. power down, and return to power up the cab later, then all is good. Scores are saved, difficulty, and coin settings too. However, if I remove the game cart and then go into the usual PGM test...
  5. Flinnster

    PGM Cart Dip-Switch Settings

    Ah yes, you're correct (and doh.. it was 4, not 3). The dips don't appear to do much but yes.. software settings in this case.
  6. Flinnster

    PGM Cart Dip-Switch Settings

    I recently recieved a CAVE conversion cart (Espgaluda) and noticed the dip switches on the mobo were set all over the place. Dip 3 was set on to enable 'Free Play' but does nothing on the cave conversions it seems. Dip 7 and 8 were also on, that normally do nothing on PGM? It got me thinking -...
  7. Flinnster

    Pgm Volume pot Replacement

    I found these radial dial pots as a close replacement. They aren't 100% pin compatible - you have to solder a wire link underneath, but they work well: If you're not getting any audio try shorting the pins with a wet finger around that pot area. If you don't get anything, not even a hum then...
  8. Flinnster

    Help chosing astrocity cab

    I was just going to suggest that, jokingly. But glad you have decided to do that. TATE one, and you have a great setup :thumbsup:
  9. Flinnster

    Official: CPS1 Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    Arcade weeks operate strictly by Arcade time. Go grab a beer :brb:
  10. Flinnster

    Namco System 1 screw and bolt set - CAP kits

    Mine's a reduxed bootleg. I can tippex on a Taito logo and double the value! :P
  11. Flinnster

    Namco System 1 screw and bolt set - CAP kits

    You'll find typically PCB bolts are either M2.5 or M3 to fit the PCB holes in whatever lengths that were required to separate the PCBs. I often using bearing spacers of various lengths around the bolts so I can choose how far PCBs sit apart from eachother - especially when replacing horrible...
  12. Flinnster

    Namco System 1 screw and bolt set - CAP kits

    OK here's what I used - my PCB is a vanilla Pac-Mania, modded only to change region and add high-score saving using the excellent RomPatcher utility: - 6x M2.5 x25mm pan-head machine screws -here - 6x M2.5 full nuts -here - 6x M3 fibre flat sealing washers (to protect the pcb) -here In all...
  13. Flinnster

    Base/Bottom piece of an Astro City Control Panel ideas?

    3 milk crates and a shit-ton of wiring? ^^ ahem.
  14. Flinnster

    Namco System 1 screw and bolt set - CAP kits

    I recently repaired a PacMania pcb and refreshed all the bolts and washers. I'll see if I can dig out my parts listed for the items used.
  15. Flinnster

    PGM single game PCB interest check

    It's not very funny is it :(
  16. Flinnster

    MV1B Stereo MOD / 5v - definitive answers

    JNX mod certainly doesn't need any additional 5v wired to it. Not sure about the MKL mod. You'll need the 5v to power your MVS motherboard however. The motherboard audio section circuitry uses 12v. So you need to disable a trace to run the amp itself from a different voltage. Details here...
  17. Flinnster

    Official: CPS1 Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    Not quite sure how I missed this. Up for x2 ^^ Fully aware the 1st post hasn't been updated since March 2020, but hey.. fingers crossed!
  18. Flinnster

    4 Player IGS PGM adapter (cable replacement)

    Cool, so 1x 34 pin IDE connector to a jamma fingerboard, about a couple of meters of cable and jobs a goodun :) Possibly with a phat resistor on the fingerboard just to keep the local switcher in cab 2 in check.
  19. Flinnster

    4 Player IGS PGM adapter (cable replacement)

    I used 3D printing ribbon cable for my link loom, it's pretty robust. My link loom was just standard jamma for players 1 & 2 across two cabs mind, I've not attempted to make a PGM 3 & 4 player one just as yet.
  20. Flinnster

    Strange Picture Artifact With PGM On Sony PVM

    Very wierd MVS is fine and PGM isn't. Worth a shot and yeah, don't mess with the pots too much, should be a very slight tweak only.