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  1. jassin000

    FS: Carrion - Switch (Physical)

    I fucking hate this game (and I'm kicking it out of my collection)! New/sealed, someone please buy it before I set it on fire! 65$ Paypal gift (trade offers also welcomed) includes shipping inside USA.
  2. jassin000

    SOLD: Vewlix Diamond (White) +Taito LCD +JAMMA Kit +2P Panel

    I'm going to be moving again... And it looks like my space won't fit all three of my babies. :( So I'm thinking about selling the Diamond White machine. My price isn't firm (that's why this is an interest ONLY at this point) and I might be open to some trading (but I will obviously need...
  3. jassin000

    FS: Random/Small Parts

    PM for any of these items listed, Paypal FF, prices include shipping via USPS (often times same day, combo/package deals negotiable). White Seimitsu LS56-Style joystick shafts/dust washers QTY-2 = 6$ White Qbana 30mm snap-in button hole plugs QTY-2 (hard to find) = 10$ Sega Naomi feet/mount...
  4. jassin000

    SOLD: Everdrive N8 (SAG-Red)

    For sale my flame red Everdrive N8 cart, asking 80$ Paypal friends&fam or +3%. Includes USPS priority shipping, USA only (sorry no international).
  5. jassin000

    SOLD: R-Type Leo (MT2 Conversion) Irem M92

    Selling my R-Type Leo conversion, this PCB is a perfect donor for the upcoming M92 multi (and is in fact what I was going to use it for). Trying times call for drastic measures, so I'm letting this board go for 425$ Paypal friends/family (or +4%). Shipping via USPS is included within the...
  6. jassin000

    SOLD: Namco Class of '81 (CGA/JAMMA Version)

    I just purchased this about two weeks ago, its a great little board in perfect condition... So why am I selling it if I just got it? At the time I didn't realize that (most) Namco PCBs demand/require a CW rotation (see this thread for details). Every other system I own (CPS2, Naomi for...
  7. jassin000

    Vewlix Speaker Replacement Mod

    I wanted to get these images/information out to my fellow VLX fans... If you are the owner of an original F/L/FC or L-AMI cab you are already aware the top two speakers/tweeters are square in shape. You CAN get these exact replacements from Taito, but like everything direct from Taito its far...
  8. jassin000

    TRADED: Original VLX LCD Panels (x2)

    Yup just as the title says these are 100% working original LCD panels (only/no frame included) from a Vewlix Diamond and a Vewlix L-AMI. I will in no way ship these, but if you come pick 'em up from me in person they are yours (having a shot of Whiskey and playing a game or two at the same...
  9. jassin000

    The Jassifier

    I was going to wait for the final version (1.6) PCB to be built, but I decided to just go ahead and release this now! :D This device is NOT endorsed or recommended by the creator of the Jammafier! Its purpose/my intention was to provide cheap (currently @ 14.40$ per-PCB-build price)...
  10. jassin000

    SOLD: Rampage World Tour (Midway Wolf Unit) Defective

    Originally an NBA Hangtime PCB that was converted to Rampage World Tour. Ran fine for the 3+ years I've owned it, but I've developed a custom-U33 error at bootup. The game is still "playable" however due to the custom one of the foreground spright layers is glitched. I'm pretty sure this could...
  11. jassin000

    SOLD: iScan DVDO VP30 (Latest Firmware)

    These original (VP30/50/50Pro) DVDOs are highly sought after by owners of the OSSC and rigid 60Hz monitors/TVs/capture cards. Read Videogameperfection's fantastic write-up here (VP50 has the fast de-interlace chip onboard vs an expansion card). Includes device (iScan DVDO VP30) two power...
  12. jassin000

    SOLD: Nintendo 64 Motherboard

    Selling a NS2xxxx serial N64 motherboard (NUS-CPU-09/MAV-NUS) this came out of a Blue/Crystal console, I swapped with a NS1xxxx motherboard to preform Voultar's RGB mod. This board is fully working and still very useful for someone looking to do Tim Worthington's RGB mod or Game-Tech's HDMI...
  13. jassin000

    SOLD: Gameboy Color McWill Screen w/ Extras

    Letting my precious McWill LCD screen modified Gameboy Color go, now that I own the GBA Consolizer it basically gets no use. It was a great joy to play the Zelda remake side-by-side with the DX original (Switch Lite NOT included heh)... :) 180$ Paypal gift/or fees, includes shipping (USPS...
  14. jassin000

    SOLD: Sega System16 B-board Collection

    90$ for 3 System16 decrypted set B-boards, USPS Priority shipping included (USA only). Because of the multi I don't really have a need for this System16 B-board collection. Shinobi Golden Axe Altered Beast That's 30$ a board/game WOW ;) *Warning* Decrypted Z80+68K CPU motherboard required...
  15. jassin000

    SOLD: Ninja Gaiden (Tecmo)

    65$ includes USPS Priority shipping (USA only). This two layer JAMMA board is reasonably clean and works/sounds perfect to my eyes/ears.
  16. jassin000

    Sold: HAS w/ VGA hat, Suzo-Happ 130watt PSU & DB15 Joysticks

    450$ Paypal (gift or +4%) USPS flat rate priority shipping included (USA only). Further details and images available upon (serious) request (everything pictured is included)... Simply put, I have room for all 3 of my VLX machines now so I no longer need this fantastic Supergun setup. Bonus...
  17. jassin000

    SOLD: N64 Console w/ RGB Mod

    120$ shipping included (via USPS within the continental US only)... RGB amp modified N64 console, controller also has new/replaced analog stick. *Not including SCART cable
  18. jassin000

    SOLD: Sega System16 JAMMA Adapter PCB

    10$ shipped via USPS (continental US only). Not much to say about this, its not as nice as the JNX version (lacking button remap jumpers and silkscreened logos) which is why I'm selling it.
  19. jassin000

    SOLD: PCEngine IFU30 (RGB) w/ Extras

    200$ shipped via USPS (continental US only), my very special/custom IFU30 "Briefcase" CDROM2 unit! RGB amp modified with Voultar's latest design, 3D panel by @citrus3000psi and includes Super System HuCard and Dracula X reproduction from PCE Works. Original JPN Super System Card ver 3.0 with...
  20. jassin000

    SOLD: Turbo Everdrive v2 (PCE Shell)

    45$ shipped via USPS Priority (continental US only). Krikzz Turbo Everdrive version 2 in custom "PC EverDrive" cart/shell purchased from StoneAgeGamer in 2016. Right hand side switch currently set for PCE (it can be toggled to down position/TG16)