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    TAITO X4 Graphic Card

    Hi there, I got a Taito X4 without an graphic Card. Anyone as experience with compatible Cards? Can it be a regular GTX 960 or it will need a special bios? Thanks
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    WTB - FAST I/O

    Hello, looking to buy a Fast I/O K91X1204B or K91X1243C Thanks for looking
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    Help - Identify Vewlix L

    Hello, can anyone help how can I identify if is a real vewlix or a Chewlix?
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    PS4 PRO god of war limited edition FIRMWARE 5.05 allows Jailbreak

    Hello, PS4 PRO, limited edition god of war. SO Firmware 5.05 that allows Jailbreak. $350 + Shipping (US Only)
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    Gamecube GC Loader

    Hello All, for sale a GameCube DOL-101 With a brand new GC Loader. $300 + plus shipping [/b]
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    Konami Adapter identification

    Hello All, can anyone help me identify what is used for, this adapter:
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    WTB Toshiba Ct-9908 remote

    Hello, Im looking for a Toshiba Ct-9908 remote to be able to converge a DX cabinet. Does anyone have one for sale? Thanks
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    CPS2 Desuicide Tester

    Hello all, I have cps2 that is dead, before trying to desuicide it, I would like to make sure that is in fact suicided. I know that there is a suicide tester but I dont have a Eeprom programmer. Does anyone knows where I can get one tester, or someone who can provide it ? Thanks
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    CPS3 Cartridge Issue

    Hello All, I have a Street Fighter III new Generation Cartridge that stopped working, Now it present a messed up screen: Dead Battery??? Faulty Cartridge? AS note the Board is working good with the SuperBios
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    CPS3 Mod/Fix

    Hello All, Im new to the Arcade World, and just bought my first CPS3. to my surprise, when I removed the cage to see the inside the motherboard, I see that have been modded or repaired with some chip. Can someone help understand what is doing this mod/fix Thanks in advance
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    Hello From Texas

    Hello All, I am Portuguese but living in Texas. I collect arcade systems and games.
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    Hello From Austin

    Hello everyone, I'm new to arcarde, purchased a Naomi cabinet and a Jamma cabinet. Getting to know the systems and explore their possabilities. Thanks