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    WTB tgm2 art, manual

    Thanks! Definitely saving these
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    WTB tgm2 art, manual

    It was a year or two I saw Tops list a set or two on YAJ, but I didn't have the board yet and/or just didn't think about buying it at the time. Guess I could contact Tops directly. I think you linked to a PM? Can't access the link :)
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    WTB tgm2 art, manual

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    Purchased a TTX2 SFIV - should I back it up?

    It's vanilla. Here's a photo of the mounting plate with version info.
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    Purchased a TTX2 SFIV - should I back it up?

    A few weeks ago I purchased a used SFIV HDD with dongle, TTX2 mounting plate and artwork. Should I bother backing up the HDD with Raw Copy or anything? I believe I read it the drive (or data on it) has low level block verification or something, so I wouldn't be able to restore it onto a diff...
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    Power Up Baseball Conversion

    One of the programmers, Brian Smolik, was recently interviewed on the VGHF hosts. I don't recall him mentioning anything other than trackball controls for the game, so dunno what's up with the photo.
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    Konami 4 Player PCBs

    Did Sunset Riders get sold? If so, I think the rules say you need to leave the price it sold for.
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    Taito X2 vertical upside down problem on Vewlix

    Screen test Input test Sound settings System settings Game settings Factory default High score clear Finish (reset)
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    What Donor Board to use for the CPS1 Multi

    99% sure it's a standard CR2032 with tabs attached. No clue if the multi needs the battery or not.
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    Greetings from Austin

    Welcome! Grew up in Round Rock myself
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    Home Arcade System

    When I was using a gscartsw, I set my HAS to 75 ohm sync and never had an issue.
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    Home Arcade System

    Used mine with a gscartsw for a while without issue as well. Like the Goat mentioned above, make sure the HAS' sync is set correctly
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    FOUND: CPS3 motherboard

    Hope it's in working order! I asked MAK about fixing a CPS2 mobo and Naomi 1 mobo. Both times was told they don't do repairs and didn't know any places that would =/
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    CPS2 Roll-Up Packs: All roms for the CPS2 kit

    haven't had a chance to look at 0.4 yet, but all previous versions had a multi compatible version in each release zip from what I recall
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    Taito Type X2 Upgrades and Mods

    Thanks for this! Once I get the cpu fan replaced, if I find the gpu fan too loud, I'm gonna give this a shot. To make it just a little easier, couldn't you change all the cd commands to "cd\nvidia"? 8. Navigate to the folder where the driver is, c:\nvidia, so type: cd\nvidia You should now be...
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    FS: Beharbros Toro box

    According to a post over at videogameperfection discussion Extron devices:
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    FS: Beharbros Toro box

    I've been doing the same as rewrite mentioned right above my reply here, but with an Extron Crosspoint between the adapter and monitor. Only issue you may have is the flagging/warped picture at the top of the screen due to the way the Toro combines sync. Throwing an rxi box like you suggested...
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    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    Sorry if I've overlooked this, but does the Axun supergun have a way to support 3- and 4-player games?
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    Reverse engineering 161 in 1 cartridge to change Rom games

    I think he might be referring to this one: Research on the 161 in 1
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    Found - Analogue Super NT for NEOGEO AES

    Tourists and collectors both, yeah. =( Don't want to derail your thread though!