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    [PRE-ORDER your HAS!]

    Hello, Confirming my pre-order as I also filled out the google doc.
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    CPS3 third Strike - Changing version 990608 to 990512

    Thanks!!!! Got it up and running. This is amazing.
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    CPS3 third Strike - Changing version 990608 to 990512

    Yes its an original cart. I am new to manipulating CD images so I'm not sure what the image is supposed to look like. I found a file on, but its a zip file that just extracts to a folder. Is this what i need? If using the no cd, I just move this folder to the micro SD? Thanks, KG
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    CPS3 third Strike - Changing version 990608 to 990512

    Hi All, Recently acquired a working CPS3 pcb with a third strike cart and cd. I;ve booted it up and it is working, however I noticed the version installed is 990608 which I understand is revised to remove unblockables and other things. Is it possible to re-flash the 990512 version of the game...
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    WTB CPS3 carts and 64mb simms - Supergun project

    Hello, I'm working to put together a CPS3 board to play 3rd strike everyday forever. I'm looking for dead cps3 carts to convert to superbios or a working third strike cart. I also need two 64mb Simms. If you have them or can point me in any direction to find them, let me know. Thanks! KG
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    64 & 128Mb CPS3 Repro SIMMS!!

    I will take 4 if they are still available!
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    Hello from Philly

    Hello all, Checking in from Philly. I have just started a project to complete a CPS3 Supergun to play some good 'ole third strike. Getting a motherboard next weekend and will be piecing everything together as best as I can. This is my first project. Ultimate goals are to learn about Sega astro...