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  1. nnap

    PCB Repair

    I love the TTL Data Book. Found a used copy a while ago and I have been using it a lot. Prefer it over looking at the schematics on a screen.
  2. nnap

    Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun

    there are a couple of designs on thingiverse. I did a new version of this one because there was no version for the 2.5 board at the time: "Pacifier" Case for Minigun arcade supergun by printmaker - Thingiverse looks like he has updated his design for 2.5. That case is very nice.
  3. nnap

    Modeling software for 3D prints

    I have been using Fusion 360 for the past year. It is free for private use with some limitations. It is an incredible tool. Just watch a couple of videos and you should be good to go.
  4. nnap

    Crackly sound on a Real Bout 2 cart

    Might be the PCM chip. Had a similar issue on a KOF98 cart. Replacing it fixed the issues.
  5. nnap

    RC de Go! Harness

    I have done that. As KaPH33n said, it is just two pots that are hooked up. I also used a button on the remote as the start button.
  6. nnap

    Raimais TC0040IOC

    Another L-System PCB on the table. This Raimais is stuck in an infinite reboot. Sometimes it will get to the titlescreen for a split second and then show a coin error. When I flip the test dip, it will show 'TILT'. Desoldering the PC050CM did not fix anything, so I think the issue is with the...
  7. nnap

    Fighting Hawk TC0220IOC

    Update on the repair. I desoldered all of the resistor arrays and checked them out of circuit. Two of them were a bit funky. Replaced them and put all of them back. The problem is still there. When I enter the input test menu I can see the strange behaviour. What's quite interesting is the fact...
  8. nnap

    Seimitsu MS Mounting Plate

    @evilsim did request this a while ago. Finally got around to scetch it up in Fusion and test print it. Grab the file here: Seimitsu MS Mounting Plate by nnap - Thingiverse
  9. nnap

    Fighting Hawk TC0220IOC

    Progress! Switched the IOC out with a known working one and the game boots. Two new issues: - Music is scratchy and quieter than the sound fx. Replacement DACs are on the way. - Moving the plane around and shooting, triggers a coin error. Was able to confirm this in the test menu. When multiple...
  10. nnap

    Taito F3. Get your cart here

    I had an F3 motherboard once that had this behaviour. It would work with some games but throw the color ram error on rayforce. This was with original carts and not the multi. Do you have a different motherboard to test with?
  11. nnap

    Fighting Hawk TC0220IOC

    I am happy to take you up on your offer Hammy. Also looking forward to a full replacement from caius :)
  12. nnap

    Fighting Hawk TC0220IOC

    thank you for the details. I did lift pin 8 of the custom and routed the reset signal to the pad. That got me some activity in the sound section but still no boot. Looks like some address lines are also going through that custom.
  13. nnap

    Fighting Hawk TC0220IOC

    I have a completely dead FH board. When I follow the reset signal I can see it trigger on pin 6 of the TC0220IOC. Based on the schematics that I found, pin 8 should output the reset signal but it stays low. Is the chip shot?
  14. nnap

    Monkey Ball Panel Reproduction

    I did some testing and the pot amp is not required as far as i can tell. On the medium course stage 27 I had trouble on the original panel and was able to complete it on the repro panel without pot amp. Just make sure you run the calibration.
  15. nnap

    Blast city audio buzzing

    should be the R1 resistor on the sound amp: Sega Model 3 (Blast, NVS4000, etc) no JAMMA sound / buzzing fix - Repair Logs - Arcade-Projects Forums (
  16. nnap

    Monkey Ball Panel Reproduction

    Yes, that overlay should look familiar to you :) My reverse engineered Amp did not work very well but maybe I made a mistake :) The stick feels very good so far but I will try the harder levels. Doing some back to back testing with the original panel is planned but on hold due to the corona...
  17. nnap

    Afterburner Climax Panel Reproduction

    The stick base should be the same from what I can see in the manual and the sticks that are on sale. The cab uses the same Opt Amp that is used in Monkeyball but I don't think it is required. When you calibrate the stick correctly it works fine. Same with Monkeyball. What analogue stick did you use?
  18. nnap

    Afterburner Climax Panel Reproduction

    Alberto was kind enough to print and cut my custom design for the Panel. The quality of the overlay is excellent!
  19. nnap

    Monkey Ball Panel Reproduction

    Alberto did print/cut this overly for me and the quality is fantastic!
  20. nnap

    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    yes, the GQ-4X is very unreliable with the 27C160 & 27C322 eproms. I had whole batches that would not work on that programmer. They wrote/verified fine on my Xeltek. Unfortunately I had similar issues with the T56, so I cannot recommend that one either.