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  1. asra

    help w/ fault on BVM (not arcade sorry)

    Wanted to post this here in case someone can haphazard a guess. It's a bvm-d20, here are the symptoms: Monitor works as expected, shows a nice picture and everything, except that every minute or so there's an audible snapping sound coming from the back of the monitor, with a simultaneous twitch...
  2. asra

    internal memory sticks for naomi netdimm

    Hello! looking for a memory stick, preferrably a couple 512mb ones but beggars can't be choosers. I've been looking around on ebay on and off but nothing seems to fit the spec, don't feel like risking it. These are the specs I've found online: Size: 512MB Pins: 168p CL3 Type: non-ECC PC133...
  3. asra

    positive feedback for Tailsnic Retroworks

    Bought a few naomi CF readers off him, was very patient in explaining some technical details prior to buying and since we live in the same city was kind enough to hand deliver them. Great product and a cool dude too.
  4. asra

    Positive feedback for djsheep

    bought a hammerin harty arcade board Prompt shipping Good communication No bs Seemed like a cool dude!
  5. asra

    BVM-D32E1W or D24 wanted

    Hello! Just on the off chance that someone wanting to part with theirs reads this. Been on the look out for one of these bad boys for years now, it's the last piece of the puzzle for me! Would be extremely happy with either a D32 or D24. Will pick up anywhere within europe / uk, directly from...
  6. asra

    Positive feedback for archimage

    @archimage sold me a very nice modded dreamcast. Communication and shipping were great, console is working great.
  7. asra

    Positive feedback for my main man PascalIp

    Very accomodating, friendly and a man of his word. Thanks to him I finally own the BVM I was looking for years! :thumbup:
  8. asra

    positive feedback for Brizzo

    Bought a 2x6 dongle off him. Nice guy, responsive, fast shipping. Thanks brizzo!
  9. asra

    positive feedback for FrancoB

    Bought two PCBs off him. Responsive, fast shipping, well packaged, nice to deal with. Thank you!
  10. asra

    Buying a system 2x6, what to look out for?

    Hello all! Seeing as my dongle is on its way (thanks @brizzo!) so I’m going to start looking for a system to play. I have been doing a bit of reading on the forum and it seems like 256 systems can play the most games, which would make it like the thing to go for but I’m not totally sure. Also...
  11. asra

    Positive feedback for quadratic

    Not sure when I'll get round to putting the goods through its paces but he's been great to deal with, very accomodating and speedy. thanks quadratic!
  12. asra

    Recommended recapping service in europe?

    Hello! I have a long overdue list of machines in need of recapping. These are my babies and I hesitate to give them to just anyone. Do you know someone who’s skilled and might be interested? I don’t mind paying extra for excellent work. I ordered some kits from to make things...
  13. asra

    hello from Spain

    Hello everyone, I'm a game developer originally from Spain. Posted here a couple of times I believe but now's a good time as any other for a formal introduction! I've accumulated all sorts of roms and emulators throughout the years but never had the will to play them for more than a couple of...