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  1. arcadeqc

    CPS1 bad video

    I have a couple of CPS1 A boards that I got from a lot of broken boards that are able to boot games, but have very bad graphics. Can someone tell me if I am looking at bad custom A chips or something else? Work RAM tests out ok, and all the colors seem to display, that as much as I can test...
  2. arcadeqc

    CPS2 weird graphics issue

    I am experiencing issues with this CPS2 A board's video output. The colors are garbled, but the graphics are visible. Is this likely to be an issue with one of the customs ICs, or is there something else I should look into?
  3. arcadeqc

    CPS1 A board no sound output repair

    I have a CPS1 A board that plays well and outputs video, but no sound. Does anyone have experience repairing the sound portion of CPS1? Pointers, tips, repair logs greatly appreciated!
  4. arcadeqc

    Console modder coming to the arcade world

    I've gotten back into retro gaming over the past couple of years. I've been modding a bunch of consoles for RGB, along with other electronics projects. Through different games, I've been wanting to get into more serious arcade projects. My wallet already hates me.