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  1. gamemaster14

    Are there multiple es3 hardware configurations? Different per game?

    Just wondering, do the hardware specs of a es3 change per game? For instance my tekken 7 is i5-3550 with 8GB ram and Geforce 760. Would games like Mario Kart DX and Time Crisis 5 have different specs or the same in their es3 systems?
  2. gamemaster14

    Should Tekken 7 Fated Retribution have Screen Tearing on ES3?

    Just got my ES3 yesterday with T7FR. Doesnt happen all the time but sometimes I see screen tearing in the image, does anyone know if this is supposed to happen or could the cpu or gpu have dry thermal paste?
  3. gamemaster14

    Namco System ES1 (A2) Does not power? Help Please?

    Got a non working Namco System ES1 (A2) with Gundam Bonds of the Battlefield. System has green light on outside board and mother board, sits idle like that for a while, then just the psu comes on, no activity from either system fan. Anyone know what could be the problem here? Also on a side...
  4. gamemaster14

    Is there an Initial D5 English Version (Export?)

    Just a curious questions as I have seen Export versions and even played the Export version of Initial D4. But is there an actual english Initial D5 version out there. My old multi kit I believe its like version 7.5, very old, and that 9.6 one with the controller support both contain Initial D4...
  5. gamemaster14

    Please help identify my 2 Lindbergh Keychips

    I have 2 lindbergh Keychips and one of them I have seen conflicting reports as to what it was and the other I could not find any confirmation at all. The first chip was sold with a Virtua Fighter 5 disc (DVP-0008A). I have read its either Initial D Stage 4 or a random satellite. Text on chip...
  6. gamemaster14

    Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Offline Version legit?

    I have seen people on Ebay and various fourms selling either a Lindbergh Yellow or Lindbergh Silver with something called Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Offline Version. I was just wondering is there a legit version of this game that can work offline or is this just a hack or bootleg that...
  7. gamemaster14

    Capcom Fighting Allstars what is known?

    I know Capcom Fighting Allstars was a 3d fighting game in development for Namco System 246, it was cancelled and capcom shifted their focus to Capcon Fighting Jam. My question is, what is known about this unreleased fighter. What characters were known to be part of this game. The only info I...
  8. gamemaster14

    Best wheel solution for initial d with helper pcb?

    I recently acquired one of these boards. I like to play initial d on Naomi 2 and lindbergh. Only thing I don't like is lugging the super heavy initial d control panel down the stairs every time I want to play. I own a mad Katz mc2 racing wheel for Dreamcast and a mad Katz mc2 racing wheel for...
  9. gamemaster14

    Arcana Heart Full! Is there anyway to get Stereo Audio from this board?

    Arcana Heart (2006) and its eventual upgrade Arcana Heart Full! (2007) use a Jamma Pinout with VGA video only (you get no video at all from the Jamma Edge). Unlike JVS games, it does not have composite red and white audio plugs for audio. The only way I have ever hooked up audio is using the...
  10. gamemaster14

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited displaying 21-3 USB Memory Error: Not Found

    My Namco System 369 was working just fine, got the buttons working for all 5 actions. I played a little, let run through attract mode a bit. Now it displays the error 21-3 USB Memory Error : Not Found. Anyone know what the problem is here? How could this be fixed? Please help. :?:
  11. gamemaster14

    Lindbergh Multi remove black border on top of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown?

    I have a Lindbergh Yellow with a Multi kit. When I run Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown there is a black bar on the top indicating none of the network functions work. Does anyone know if there is a way to get rid of that black bar?
  12. gamemaster14

    How would I setup a hard drive for use in a Lindbergh Yellow system?

    I have a Sega Lindbergh Yellow system, that came with a multikit installed. I have ordered the original CF card from a user on another forum so I can install my original Virtua Fighter 5 disc and key that I had bought a while ago. I have several 40gb and 80gb eide hard drives laying around. So...
  13. gamemaster14

    Is Soul Calibur II the only game that uses PS2 memory cards? Does anyone know anything about the format? Can one be cloned?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew if Soul Calibur II was the only game that used ps2 memory cards for its save game (conquest mode)? Also, does anyone know anything about the format of the memory cards? I had put a card that did not seam to contain a save in my ps2 at one point and the ps2...
  14. gamemaster14

    WTB: Tekken 5 and Dark Resurrection Arcade Data Cards

    Does anyone know of a good place to buy Tekken 5 Data cards? Also, Does anyone know if unused cards are universal, meaning Tekken 5 cards work with Dark Resurrection and vice versa? Also, are there any generic cards that would work, or even cards easier obtainable for a different game (kinda...
  15. gamemaster14

    Namco System 256 worked once and then mysteriously stopped working (no startup beeps), Help if possible

    Long story short, I bought a "not working" Namco System 256 on ebay. It was listed as not working. I had noticed that the dongle was in slot 2 (in auction pictures) and if you know anything about Namco System 2X6, the dongle must be in slot 1 to work. So I figured either that was the problem or...
  16. gamemaster14

    Neo Geo Hyper 64 Fatal Fury Wild Ambition no video problem, please help?

    Today I received a Neo Geo Hyper 64 rev 1 board with Fatal Fury Wild Ambition. When I plug it in and try to run it, the board clicks (which I read indicates the 12v is working) but I get no video at all. I have tested the +5v and its good, I even tested the whole setup with my Cadash board to...
  17. gamemaster14

    Need help with Nascar Racing (Hikaru) No Video

    I recently received a Nascar Racing Sega Hikaru board. I plugged it in and received no video at all. I popped the rom board off and put it on my known working Hikaru board from my Planet Harriers set. I get the initial boot screen (some weird scrambled garbage) and then nothing else happens...
  18. gamemaster14

    Arcade Light Gun Games on a TV? (not mame) How is this possible? Does anyone know?

    I have seen a few videos on youtube where people have real arcade pcb's running light gun games and they are somehow playing them on a regular tv screen with the real arcade light guns. I would like to know if anyone knows how this is possible. The link below is Lukemorse1 playing Crypt Killer...
  19. gamemaster14

    Is it possible to Un-Multikit a Lindbergh Multikit/Multigame system?

    Just a curious question, If I receive a Lindbergh system with a Multikit/Multigame installed, Is there any way to restore it to just running one game again? From what I understand the MultiKits use some sort of custom image on the CF card so I would imagine that the CF card would need to be...
  20. gamemaster14

    What kind of wires/ I/O boards are needed to run System 246 Racing Games?

    I was just wondering how a Namco System 246 racing game gets wired up. Will they only run on the System 246a board that Ridge Racer 5 uses? do they use some sort of special Namco I/O board or will a Sega JVS work? Does Wangan Midnight run on a different board? I have a full setup for Initial D...