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    3D printed cover for Mean Well MWP-606 [STL inside]

    Nothing fancy, it's the most basic cover I could think of, just thought it might be useful. STL attached.
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    [FS] JAMMA extension harness

    Way overdue, but I'm happy to announce that the first run of my JAMMA extension harness is ready! Supergun dedicated (not only for the HAS) Hard gold plated JAMMA edge contacts ~60cm cables length (~68cm total length) 2x16AWG for GND, 2x16AWG for +5V, 1x18AWG for -5V, 1x18AWG for +12V, 22AWG for...
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    Positive feedback for AlxUnderBase

    @AlxUnderBase provided assistance in acquiring a Datapath Vision RGB E1S from a US based seller. Basically, he was my proxy and thanks to that I didn't have to resort to using ebay's "Global Shipping Program" (which has been terrible from my experience). He also included some freebies. Thanks a...
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    CPS2 I/O Interface

    CPS2 I/O Interface is a simple adapter that plugs in directly to the CPS2 motherboard and allows you to power the CPS2 using a standard ATX power supply, and to connect the NeoGeo compatible controllers. The CPS2 I/O interface is designed to be used with the upcoming CPS2 digital AV interface...
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    [WTB] CPS2 B board shell - green

    I'm looking to replace the green shell for my CPS2 multi, because it's cracked in a few places. Only mint/very good condition with no cracks, deep scratches, discoloration (yes, I know it will be hard to find one in such shape). Preferably in Europe. Thanks!
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    [PRE-ORDER your HAS!]

    The number of requests in the sales thread and via PMs is getting difficult to keep track of, if you wish to be added to the wait list for the next HAS batch, please from now on use this form -...
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    [WTB] AW mobo + Dolphin Blue

    Looking for an Atomiswave motherboard in nice condition + Dolphin Blue cart, preferably original please.
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    [WTB] Sega System 18 or 32 - broken/for parts

    I don't want to sacrifice a working board, so I'm looking for a broken one. Can be either the Sega System 18 or 32 (but not "32 Multi"). Thanks!
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    [OUT OF STOCK] PALM PCB - Autofire and button remapping for NeoGeo/DB15 controllers

    Description I had this little project ready months ago, but was way too busy to release it. But finally – I present you the PALM PCB, a RECO PCB variation for those who for some reason can’t use RECO in their setup. PALM PCB works like a NeoGeo controller passthrough, but with some extra...
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    [OUT OF STOCK] RECO PCB - a JAMMA button remapping & autofire device

    Description RECO PCB is a microcontroller based device that plugs in between a JAMMA PCB game and JAMMA harness and allows to change the button layout and enable autofire at any point in the game. Button layout and autofire can be set by simply pressing a combination of buttons on the arcade...
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    Home Arcade System

    Pre-order here -> FAQ -> Please PM me only in case of technical questions or problems with your HAS. I won't accept orders via PM. Google forms on my website is the only way to buy anything from me...
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    Supergun showcase!

    I know that we have a handful of supergun users and skilled supergun builders on this forum, so let's post our supergun or supergun setup pictures in this thread : ) I'll start with my setup: I built this supergun over a year ago. I went for a rather simple design, it features an...
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    RGB reporting for duty!

    Sup guys, This place looks neat, so I thought I'd stop by and say hello. I'm not the most active poster out there, but you may recognize me from the shmups forum. I'm mostly into arcade shmups and beat'em ups, but I also play a lot on my Sega Saturn, PSX and Famicom. Aside from playing games...