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  1. sk8er000

    My F3 sometimes doesn't power ON

    Hello, I'd like to ask if there is a possible solution for a long time problem with my F3 setup. I have a recapped Taito F3 motherboard with the multi that sometimes if I power it up it does nothing (no fan spinning, no video, nothing). If I discharge the board and the PSU (without changing any...
  2. sk8er000

    Stereo Output on Namco NA1/NA2

    Hello, I've found this service manual where is explained what the 2 dips switches on the motherboard do (not shown in photo), what's the connectors pinout and how to use stereo audio. It's pretty clear (being able to read japanese) what it must be done but I don't get any sound from A2 and B2...
  3. sk8er000


    Hello, Today I've received my Namco System 1 Galaga88 that I was planning to use for @Darksoft multi. I've played a bit the game and seems to run fine but id I set the DIP 1 to on and press the TEST button on the HAS the self TEST reports "ROM NO.5 ERROR" followed by "B0FF 0000 0000 0000". The...
  4. sk8er000

    Retro Hardware Capacitors LISTS

    As requested from @Derick2k and @AlxUnderBase I'm going to publish here some of my capacitor list. I'll be glad if someone want to contribute just send me the list and I'll add the list (along with the credits), the more we have the better is 8) . I usually add the Mouser item number when I add...
  5. sk8er000

    Sega system 24, identifying a capacitor

    hi, I'm recapping my s24 board and I was desoldering the 2.2uF 50v capacitors. Since they're grouped I've decided to desolder them all together, but after doing that I've found that I've desoldered a 1uF 50v capacitor too X/ Can you please help me to find where the 1uF 50v was? Thank you in...
  6. sk8er000

    Square on the top left corner of recallhorn

    Hi, I know that this game is a prototype, but I'd like to know if someone else has my same issue. I've got my @Darksoft f3 multi since 1st batch and played quite a lot of time but not every game. The games I've tried always worked fine once booted. Today I've tried to play at Recallhorn and I...
  7. sk8er000

    [WTB] Compatibiles Compact Flash for Gnet

    Since I have only one CF and I'm notes ti flash every time that I want to swap the game I'd like to buy a couple (or more) compact flash that work with the Gnet Thank you
  8. sk8er000

    System 18 capacitors list

    Maybe nobody needs it and everyone can do it by himself, but since I made a System 18 capacitors list and didn't find any on the web here's my System 18 Capacitors list (Mainboard and ROM board): Capacitors list :) P.S. My main board is a 171-5873-02B
  9. sk8er000

    System 18 background noise

    Hello everyone, Today I've received my Clutch Hitter Sega system 18 board (I'm preparing for the future multi :whistling: ). I ran every test from the test menu and everything is working (RAM, ROM, VDP, IO, etc). My only issue is that when there is no BGM (when there is no sound or when there's...
  10. sk8er000

    MVS weird pixel issues

    I bought the multi MVS on the first batch from @CPZ - SAVEYOURGAMES but only recently I got some free time to play some games. While I was playing I've noticed some weird pixel on the menu background and in the energy bar of SVC chaos that has a strange interference that I've never experienced...
  11. sk8er000

    WTB Broken System C/C-2/18/24 or 315-5295 I/O chip

    hello, recently I discovered that my system C-2 has a broken input (button 2 player2) and I think that the relative channel on the I/O chip (315-5295 IC1) is gone. This I/O chip is used in C-2 (system C too I think) system 24 and system 18. ). I found some infos here...
  12. sk8er000

    Taito Gnet chd

    Hello, Today I've received from Japan my Taito Gnet board and the mod bios from buyicnow. I've found 30 chds on the ikotsu website. I know that some game are still not dumped (and there's a pledge for them) but I'd like to know if there are more chds on the wild other than those ones: aerofsp...
  13. sk8er000

    [WTB] System 24 Floppy Controller PCB/ System 18 PCB

    Hello, I'm from Italy and I'd like to buy a sega system 24 Floppy controller PCB, anyone have somenthing? I'd like also to buy a Sega system 18 PCB 8o Thank you for your help! :thumbsup:
  14. sk8er000

    MVS MV1C resistors help!

    Hello, I've got a very bad consolized MVS MV1C glued inside an aes case with a very bad RGB signal. Since I'm not the first owner I don't know who did this consolization but it was really bad made and It was used a ton of hot glue. While trying to remove some glue 3 resistors came off the board...
  15. sk8er000

    Potentiometer & recap (list) on stv

    Hello, I'm going to recap my svt (it works but to be sure I prefer to recap) and I'm going to replace the volume potentiometer because is giving some problems, anyone know the value of this potentiometer? Thank you in advance P.s. If it can be useful I can post the capacitors list to help...
  16. sk8er000

    Stv multicard's audio mod issue

    Looking a mitsurugi's video I saw how to wire the audio mod to work with the multicard so I've taken a 100 ohm resistor and a 1uf 50v condenser to make the cable, I've connected the condenser's positive pole with the resistor, the resistor at the multicard side (the pin spotted on the video on...
  17. sk8er000

    Is it possible to know wich firmware has a multicard?

    Hello everyone, I've just bought a ST-V multicard from P.A.S. (don't know if I can post the exact name :confused: ) , and I'd like to know if there is a way to know if I have the lastest fw flashed into the cart or not because I've asked what was the cart's fw in the website some days ago but I...
  18. sk8er000


    Hello, I'm a retrogamer from Italy and I've just discovered Darksoft's stuff, can't wait to learn more about it! :D :D