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  1. Zitz

    Asian and Hong Kong nes consoles and game cart collection VERY RARE OP PRICE DROP

    hey guys this is a rare op to add to your NES collection i have 2 NES consoles one is the Asian and the other is the Hong Kong nes included in the sale is some ASIAN and HONG KONG variants of games and also some pirate games one of the consoles is the Ultra rare gloss top and asian punchout isnt...
  2. Zitz

    Namco Noir PRICE DROPPP

    upfor grabs is my Namco Noir great working order with everything but the coin mech comes with 2P panel and a working running taitio typex2 with Multi SSD asking $1700AUD flexible , willl post world wide at buyers cost but rest assured will do all the work on my end to get it to you
  3. Zitz

    original hyper streetfighter 2 anniversary edition cps2 UPDATE $1200AUD GET A BARGAIN

    hey guys up for grabs is my original hyper streetfighter 2 anniversary edition cps2 board she works flawlessly and this is one rare af cps2 board to get asking $1200AUD posted worldwide at buyers cost
  4. Zitz


    Hey guys thought id show my biggest project i took on here Earlier in the year here in Melbourne i had the opportunity to get my hands on a holy grail of mine the covenant BIG BLUE DYNAMO usa import For those who dont know these are the cabs capcom went with for their official streetfighter...
  5. Zitz

    AtomiswaveSD ***SOLD***

    Hey everyone gonna bite the duat and say goodbye to my SD it is setup with a alberto made 1p panel but i also have the original 1p panel to suit it with card reader Retain the original speakers but i have installed logitechs using original brackets, trust me sounds SO much better but indo have...
  6. Zitz

    Streetfighter EX 2 Plus

    hey guys so i have a ex2plus board was thrilled to get it only issue is afther character selection the game freezes :/ cant seem to find much online about it howecer before i turned it onto freeplay it would crash at the credit title screen so ?
  7. Zitz

    Audiophile with psio mod switch installed and colour mod also installed

    Got a audiophile psx with psio and switch been installed also colour chip installed so will now play pal or ntsc in native speed with correct colours $500 aud post paid at buys expense located in Melbourne
  8. Zitz


    Hey everyone selling my grey ssf2tx grey top board pics here game works great has running battery $350 AUD will post world wide at buyers cost please note thisnis the game board only
  9. Zitz


    Hi everyone before i take out the sledge hammer To this beautiful machine i have to ask , does anyone know how to access the control panel i have removed 2 side screws and i cannot for the life of me work out how to open it still ITS KILLING ME lol
  10. Zitz


    Hey everyone after a astro blast net egret or atomiswave for sale here in Melbourne dont need a gameboard just a machine with a decent screen ready to put a game in
  11. Zitz


    Hey yo some of you know me by now im zitZ located in Australia i was very lucky to snatch up a dynamo bigblue with its groovy streetfighter 3 label on the back pretty sure by memory that means sf2HF anyway since i now have this here in aus i was gonna do a quick power swap and transformer swap...
  12. Zitz

    Atomiswave wei ya intermittent issue

    Hey everyone had my atomiswave with stock tri wei ya chassis and tube for awhile now And its been great other than this issues that pops up here and there it seems as the white gun/balance drops out to pink for some weird reason and then itll be ok during this time is if say do a degauss u can...
  13. Zitz

    Q sound amp with audio step down and a tall dynamo ssf2t marquee

    Hey everyone im currently purchasing a big blue dynamo cab its been converted to a bowling at some stage i am turning it into a ssf2t i require some parts such as the power supply , the capcom qsound amp setup and the big type marquee if anyone had any of these items please let me know , cheers guys
  14. Zitz


    Hey guys just got my daytona steering FF boards and everything else that was requires repair hooked her all up now not getting feedback on either before we took out had half assed feedback on one and none on the other steering works just no feedback showing error 7F then once playing goes nuts...
  15. Zitz

    **SOLD** Egret 3 2p Panel **SOLD**

    Hey everyone i have a really nice condition original egret 3 panel with no rust and little to no scratches on it will come with the buttons and stick shown in photos asking $150 AUD posted worldwide at buyers expense can provide more info if wanted cheers
  16. Zitz

    CPS2 SSF2 The New Challangers A + B READY FOR DARKSOFT (SOLD)

    Heres a super streetfighter 2 turbo ready for darksoft includes A + B Boards game plays with vertical lines cant seem to fix error my friend installed his darksoft board and it all worked great unsure what the issue is to why the game does not work properly but a perfect candidate for someone...
  17. Zitz

    Sammy decal and 100y decal for AWSD

    Hey everyone just after the sammy sticker that goes above the screen and a new 100y sticket as mine has peeled up in one corner and its driving me crazy!
  18. Zitz

    Ash trays

    Hey yall , just trying to finish off the last pieces to the machine cosmetically , id love a ashtray for tokens , id love a white taito one but i dont think they make them in that combo but you know what would be really really awesome if someone here is able to make em and label it arcade...
  19. Zitz

    Question on Qi “wireless chargers” and monitors

    Hey y’all just had a crazy idea but then it made me think for a second and now here we are In the modern era we are in im sure alot of you have heard or encountered these wireless or “Qi” chargers for your mobile and other devices we now daily use I usually get home late at night after work and...
  20. Zitz

    Screen rotate in a Atomiswave sd

    hey y’all i was wandering , would it be possible to install the rotating mech thats in the egret 2 into a Atomiswave sd?