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  1. Stompp

    FS: Bunch of games

    I have the following games for sale. Prices are in USD and w/o shipping, PP gift (regular: +4%). Shipping from Sweden. The games are tested and working. Any questions, shoot me a PM. And if any price seems out of bounds let me know...or just give me an offer ;) My feedback at AO...
  2. Stompp

    Viper Phase 1

    Does anyone know if it's possible to "upgrade" a Japanese VP1 to VP1 New Version?
  3. Stompp

    NVS-4000 PSU sound issues

    I have posted this on other forums before, so some of you have probably already read this :whistling: I've have had three different NVS-4000 PSU's in my New Astro City cabs and all of them have had the same behavior. They have a built in Sega Model 3 stereo amp. If I understand the wirings...
  4. Stompp

    Hello folks

    Great to see you got the forum up and running :thumbsup: Same Stompp here as on AO and Shmups and...well...anywhere else. If we haven't met before I'm Håkan and just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Played a bunch of arcade games in the 80's, went into hibernation most of the 90's and missed the...