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    NAMCO SYSTEM 2 Multi

    I've said it before but the video board needs to be reproduced. It's relatively simple for what it does and it could probably be easily reverse engineered. There are tons and tons of good donor CPU boards available from all the parted out Final Lap/Four Trax/Suzuka cabs. Having the video board...
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    WTB Mitsubishi 26” monitor

    You might want to rephrase then that you are just looking for a picture tube rather than a monitor.
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    WTB Mitsubishi 26” monitor

    You're actually probably looking for a Nanao MS8-26. The sticker you took a picture of is the Mitsubishi picture tube.
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    FS HOME USE ONLY Super Neo 29 Type II

    Dropping the price on this to $4000.
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    Virtua Racing Live Monitor

    I have a twin cabinet and you can set the slave side to act as a live monitor. With that said, you absolutely must have an IO board hooked up to the main PCB or it will not boot. Just in case you want to attempt to build your own custom live monitor setup. I do not know if you can omit the sound...
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    FS HOME USE ONLY Super Neo 29 Type II

    Bump. This is still available. Feel free to make an offer.
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    FS HOME USE ONLY Super Neo 29 Type II

    This is the control panel that came with the cabinet. I assume the original owner ordered it that way. It's not a repro. Yes, it is technically not the "correct" panel.
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    FS HOME USE ONLY Super Neo 29 Type II

    Update: PRICE DROP! NOW $4000 I am out of room in my garage arcade so I have to put something up for sale, and this is it: Super Neo 29 Type II HOME USE ONLY! (Note: I have no way to prove this, but this is what I was told and the condition should speak for itself.) I am the fourth owner of...
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    Blast City monitor (MS-2931) not turning on

    Trinitrons are not compatible with arcade monitors at all. (Aside from a small handful of extremely rare Sharp Image models that used a Trinitron tube from the factory) Go to this website: Enter your tube number and get the specs of your tube. When you find another 27 inch...
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    Interest Check: Pre-made upgraded 161-in-1 multicarts - All spots filled - 11/13 : WAITLIST

    Can we make sure games like Magician Lord where the AES version is more feature complete are included on the multi?
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    Interest Check: Pre-made upgraded 161-in-1 multicarts - All spots filled - 11/13 : WAITLIST

    I would be down for 1 or more. Can you post a picture of the PCBs of the correct revision cart? I have several 161's on hand but no idea if they are the right version.
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    Nanao MS9-29 enhancement hacks

    Where did you buy your mod parts from? Did you buy the kit offered here or did you piece together the parts yourself? Have you fully recapped your chassis just to rule that out? Check your B+ voltage?
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    Audio issue with Cameltry PCB

    Looks like you answered your own question. Taito pretty much always used negative 5 volts on all of their JAMMA boards. Yes, it is required. Using a negatron is an easy way to get negative 5 volts. Just tap your 12 volt line and adjust...
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    Hitachi GMK-19FSN require isolation ?

    Interesting. What were your issues exactly? Would this also apply to the 29 inch Hitachis?
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    Hitachi GMK-19FSN require isolation ?

    Not sure off the top of my head, but can you post a picture of the chassis? The general rule of thumb is that if you see a transformer on the chassis next to the power input, it typically doesn't need an isolation transformer.
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    FS System 2x6 multi selector kit

    I recently acquired a complete 246 system with a multi kit installed. I have decided that I don't care specifically for the multi selector part of the multi system, so I am repurposing the RPi3B and the IDE ODE for something else. For sale is what is left of the multi selector when the RPi3B and...
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    FS DCDigital HW2 kits (two available)

    I'm never going to get around to using these. Passing them on. $170 each, same price as ordering straight from PixelFX. Free shipping in the US and I'll ship immediately. No having to wait 2 weeks like on the official shop. Volume discount: buy both for $320 shipped!
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    MV1B Unable to start game for Player 1

    It's unlikely he can get into the input test screen because you need the player 1 start button to do that. Check CR6, the resistor network on the lower right. It's possible it can fail. They can get banged up when handling the board.
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    dance dance revolution supernova / Python 2

    If your HDD is truly dead then you are screwed. There's no way to repair it because it's married to the console with DNAS and/or MagicGate. HOWEVER, there is a hacked, unencrypted version of Supernova 1 that you can image to any HDD, plug it into your Python 2 and it will work. But I am not...