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  1. teethbee

    Interest Check - NEW MVS MULTI BATCH!!

    I’m in for one.
  2. teethbee

    FS Vewlix Universal Monitor Mount

    so cool seeing this project come together! I'm interested in getting (2) if you do a batch3, I'll have to see what the model #s are on the OEM monitors in my Cs before I can fill out the form.
  3. teethbee

    Hi everyone

    nice cabs! welcome :D
  4. teethbee

    FS Coin Reject Credit Button Kits - Added AD-81P / AD-81P2 Universal Kit

    finally got around to installing these in my cabs, excellent work @FrancoB! Thanks for making this happen! :D
  5. teethbee

    DARKSOFT Get your MultiMVS Here:

    I am definitely in for one when they drop :thumbup:
  6. teethbee

    WTB  Vewlix foot bracket with or without leveling screw.

    One of my FCs has this same issue @guinness1701, interested to see if this can be sourced or fabricated.
  7. teethbee

    [FS] JAMMA extension harness

    I posted back in July so it might have been pre-list, but I'm still interested in 2 full setups, if there's any available remaining units.
  8. teethbee

    Hobbyist Arcade Maker from LA

    Cool stuff! Welcome :D
  9. teethbee

    Hello from (Sunny?) San Diego

  10. teethbee

    [FS] JAMMA extension harness

    me three! (for two) - when you can source this stuff again :)
  11. teethbee

    Hello from Dubai 🐪 🌴

    Welcome! nice collection :D
  12. teethbee

    Late introduction. Greetings from Iowa

    Welcome, fellow game developer!
  13. teethbee

    WTB wtb: Taito Type X4

    Is there any way (yet) to connect 2 ttx4s together to play SFV head to head?
  14. teethbee

    WTB wtb: Taito Type X4

    I think @64MK has the SFV CP + IO in his FC? Like @jassin000 mentioned, I'd look for a Fast IO as well
  15. teethbee

    Axun Workshop - Arcade PSU (Power Supply Unit)

    I had 2 separate orders that came together. Supergun order from November and PSU order I placed in early May.
  16. teethbee

    Axun Workshop - Arcade PSU (Power Supply Unit)

    Got my package delivered yesterday, although it shipped to my old address (from last year) so I'm in the process of having it sent to where I am now. Then I can test it all out :D
  17. teethbee

    An improved JVS-PAC (JVS-PAC 2)

    @invzim, I recently picked up a Jammafier + Scaler from you and foolishly forgot to add on a JVS-PAC 2. Figured I'd grab one with a Jammafier 2.0 when that is released. :unsure: No big deal, I'll be interested in a MiSTer solution as well if that's what you decide to focus on :D
  18. teethbee

    Hey from California

    Welcome fellow Californian! As far as Vewlix stuff goes, reading through this (if you havent) has a wealth of info: and check out this for potential purchases, @Cereth is great...
  19. teethbee

    FS Game Saru cab imports - NO specialty requests until 2025 (updated 4/10/2024)

    glad to hear you're on the mend, rest up! :)