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  1. Digmac

    FS Boxed Vega Jr Control Box Supergun, Mint Condition, Original & Long Harnesses, Euro SCART Cable

    SOLD! Up for sale today is likely the best example of a Vega Jr control box supergun you’ll find, spending the majority of its life in storage. It’s a boxed example with its original harness. In addition, it comes with a much longer harness and a Euro SCART cable for RGB output. Both JAMMA...
  2. Digmac

    WTB Sonic Wings Limited PCB

    Dunno if this would scratch your itch, but Sonic Wings Limited is one of the converted games for the Taito G-Net running a CF adapter. When I had my G-Net, I had no issues with SWL. Played great and with full sound. Would be a more cost effective option, and you get the rest of the G-Net...
  3. Digmac

    FS SEGA ST-V Bundle: Darksoft Multi, Lions3 Kit, 8 authentic carts, read description: $600 shipped

    Darksoft multi sold separately, bundle withdrawn. Parting ways with my whole ST-V setup for a deal. I imported the ST-V PCB from Tops, got the Darksoft multi brand new from HSS, and the Lions3 kit brand new, direct from L3. Carts came from trusted PCB shops/sellers in the community. When I...
  4. Digmac

    Request for Axunworks to reach back to customers

    CPS1, CPS2, and ST-V harnesses for the Axun supergun.
  5. Digmac

    Request for Axunworks to reach back to customers

    I waited a year to get 3 kick harnesses from AxunWorks. Just 3, small kick harnesses. I had sold the supergun before they even arrived. I’ve still got them brand new, totally useless to me. Great products, but the wait time is insanity.
  6. Digmac

    FS MVS & ST-V carts: Money Idol Exchanger, Dunk Dream, Winter Heat, Othello, & Pro Mahjong

    Parting ways with a few more carts today. All games are tested, confirmed working, and 100% genuine all around: labels, boards, and chips. Prices include shipping within the USA. International buyers, PM me for a shipping quote. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Just send me a PM. :)...
  7. Digmac

    FS Great Mahou Daisakusen/Dimahoo CPS2

    Replied to your PM.
  8. Digmac

    FS 42 Gamest Magazine Lot, 1994-1999, Including Final Issue

    I'm into the lot a little over $600 due to the shipping costs of getting them over here. The weight seriously adds up, and it's easy to go overboard before you see the shipping cost, lol. Appreciate the kind words man.
  9. Digmac

    FS CIB Pana Twin MP-92 Mahjong Control Box Supergun w/ Extras

    I honestly couldn’t find any stamps/logos that would give away who made the buttons when I had them out for cleaning. It’s a shame, because they have a totally unique feel compared to Sanwa and Seimitsu, in addition to being quieter in use.
  10. Digmac

    FS Great Mahou Daisakusen/Dimahoo CPS2

    Dimahoo is the one next to Powered Gear. :)
  11. Digmac


    Nah, he's just an out of touch old tymer.
  12. Digmac

    FS 42 Gamest Magazine Lot, 1994-1999, Including Final Issue

    ALL SOLD! Parting ways with my Gamest magazine collection, 42 issues in total, including the final issue of the magazine when the publisher went bankrupt. These date from between 1994-1999, all random issues, some sequential, some non sequential. I picked them based on the games featured. The...