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  1. Cheapneogeo

    Interest Check - NEW MVS MULTI BATCH!!

    I’m interested in 1 cart.
  2. Cheapneogeo

    Positive feedback for Ajax

    I bought a few MVS games from Ajax and everything went smoothly. Good communication and he shipped the games out quickly. Good person to do business with.
  3. Cheapneogeo

    Best option for using Saturn controllers on supergun

    I recently ordered two of Arthrimus’s Saturn to DB15 controller adapters and they are of high quality and I received them very quickly. I definitely can recommend them.
  4. Cheapneogeo

    My Daytona 2 Restoration Journey

    It certainly seems to have been taken care of. Nice find on that one.
  5. Cheapneogeo

    DARKSOFT Get your MultiMVS Here:

    I’ve been hoping there would be another batch made. I am all in on this one.
  6. Cheapneogeo

    FS Mvs NEOGEO Snk - Loose And Kits

    If you could post photos of blazing star I would be grateful. Thanks
  7. Cheapneogeo

    WTB CPS2 A board.

    I am looking for a working cps2 a board. Would like either a Japanese board or a USA board. I am located in the US. Thanks.
  8. Cheapneogeo

    New CRT monitor purchases as of May 2021 - Do you know any good sites? I’ve looked myself, but the shipping on such an item would be very high I just can’t justify it.
  9. Cheapneogeo

    FS Free to a Good home

    Thank you for the reply.
  10. Cheapneogeo

    FS Free to a Good home

    Are any of the TVs you have 24”?
  11. Cheapneogeo

    Jamma Fingerboards

    These are great! Thanks Frank_fjs for designing these.
  12. Cheapneogeo

    Positive feedback for theoddtech

    I bought a MVS 2 slot from him and it arrived as described. I requested that if he could take pictures of the board before the sale and he gladly did as well as taking a short clip of the board up and running. Good person to do business with.
  13. Cheapneogeo

    Hello All

    Just a quick bit of info about myself. I’m a gaming fan from back in the day who grew up in arcades. One of my main arcade interest is the Neo Geo MVS. I normally don’t read / post in forums other the where I have been a member for several years, but this forum seems right up my...