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  1. kinooshi823

    PGM multicart interest check

    I thought about it but Demon Front and SVG, lol. I originally just wanted bee, espag and ketsui. But I don't know.
  2. kinooshi823

    PGM multicart interest check

    I just bought a PGM as well. I'm down for a multi if anyone plans to even try to make one
  3. kinooshi823

    SOLD -----NAOMI 1 --- 80 EUROS

    This is a standard DIMM and not a Net DIMM. If it was a Net DIMM, there would be an ethernet port on the back of the unit.
  4. kinooshi823

    Negative Feedback on Omar Fernandez aka Candy Cab King on instagram and Paypal name Horacio Hernandez AP name Arcade game

    You had a right to get upset over another person stalling to give you back what is yours. You even offered to compensate and he didn't give you the info for you to do so. At least you are getting your stuff back. I know how it feels to wait for something and not get it and get excuses. In my...
  5. kinooshi823

    Help With Mortal Kombat 1 T Unit Corrupted sound effects

    This happens even when the sound board is not connected?
  6. kinooshi823

    Naomi 2 controls not working with black box I/O in cab

    So something odd happened. My Naomi 2 works fine with Virtua Fighter 4 and I use the Sega I/O black metal jamma box connected to my supergun for power only to run the controls and can play with a neo geo controller. Now, I ran my Naomi 2 in my cab and again used the black box to be powered from...
  7. kinooshi823

    Atomiswave Multi

    how much is the AW multi going for?
  8. kinooshi823

    FS SEGA, Namco and Other Full Cages

    All of them are model 2's?
  9. kinooshi823

    Can I objectively say that I have a JAMMA and not a JVS cabinet

    When I got my Tekken 4 in 2010, I too was confused by this style board as Namco deemed this a JVS style. Here is where lies the confusion. The bottom pins are JAMMA 1. BUT! Namco tried to use JVS VL and for that (small back slot for ribbon cable) , allowed them to claim JVS. Pretty dumb concept...
  10. kinooshi823

    Lindbergh CRT Cab Issues

    So my friend messaged me yesterday as he got around to trying the unit out. He said that he is still having the same issues as before he sent me the unit. The xbox controller doesn't navigate anything. So then if doesn't have the JVS connected to the cab then that means, it his CRT monitor...
  11. kinooshi823

    FS Account hacked, be smart

    PayPal doesn’t often side with those that paid with friends. Even if a person does a chargeback, PayPal would step in and provide documentation that the user paid using friends and not goods which would then reverse the chargeback. Even if police reports etc are made, the affected persons...
  12. kinooshi823

    FS Account hacked, be smart

    I've been burned in the past with F&F, always do goods and services no matter who it is, imo.
  13. kinooshi823

    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    Damn, I still want one
  14. kinooshi823

    Lindbergh CRT Cab Issues

    So I redid everything like I said and then, I remembered I have a vga to bnc connector and I used that to hook the lindbergh to my pvm. Although there is a sync issue with a double screen effect. I could still see it boot to the menu. And what do you know? no strings errors, no nothing. So that...
  15. kinooshi823

    Lindbergh CRT Cab Issues

    he replaced the JVS card before sending it out to me and said he got the same issue lol. All I can do is redo everything from my end and retest and send it back. Although it was working fine. I can't do anything if I don't have his cab in my possession
  16. kinooshi823

    Lindbergh CRT Cab Issues

    @Mrhide I made an error, so the pic he sent me I thought it was a vga to usb but he was infact holding 2 separate cables. So he is getting video vga to vga and the usb cord would be to his JVS card on the Lindbergh
  17. kinooshi823

    Lindbergh CRT Cab Issues

    I looked up the manual for the net city and for video is dsub to dsub am I right? so that would mean if he's using a vga to usb there has to be some kind of device connected that isn't part of the net city in order to get picture right?
  18. kinooshi823

    Lindbergh CRT Cab Issues

    He said the blue cable is not connected to anything. For video he is using a male vga from the lindbergh to usb connection. He isnt powering the lindbergh with the naomi psu. He has a PC PSU outside the cab that connects to the lindbergh. He also says he uses the blue cable that gets...
  19. kinooshi823

    Lindbergh CRT Cab Issues

    I messaged him to see if he can send me more pics of that area. I am thinking more of an I/O issue not being compatible even if his cab can run ringedge 2 fine, it has to be the I/O but looking up the rev of that board, that I/O can be found in Let's Go Jungle for the lindbergh, unless...