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  1. Roch

    WTB Mortal Kombat sound board

    Hi guys, So I'm looking for an MK1 sound board in good condition and 100% functional (ideally with power cable). If you have a complete MK1, see depending on price and condition. THANKS,
  2. Roch

    Atomiswave Multi

    Oh yeah... indeed. In your case, it's better to post on Neo Arcadia directly.
  3. Roch

    Atomiswave Multi

    I just retested, no problem at home. Do you have the problem every time? I also played SS6, no problem.
  4. Roch

    Atomiswave Multi

    Can you give more details? And maybe pictures? I didn't notice anything on my side but I didn't play much of this game.
  5. Roch

    NBA JAM Tournament Edition SE 5.0 released

    Excellent, thanks!
  6. Roch

    UMK3 game not using Kredits

    You're welcome :thumbup:.
  7. Roch

    UMK3 game not using Kredits

    Same problem with all dip switches OFF?
  8. Roch

    MITSU Wait List: Batman Forever sound pcb repro

    Also interested, thanks.
  9. Roch

    Cyborg Force, new game

    I think that's their style :D.
  10. Roch

    SOLD [FS] Espgaluda II PCB

    Hi, PM for info.
  11. Roch

    WTB Mortal Kombat 2 PCB set

    Hi, I have one, I'll send you a PM ;).
  12. Roch

    Konami Violent Storm no sound

    What reproductions on a French site? If you think about the link I shared, it's for a capkit, not a reproduction ;). Mine was done this year and it's a very nice job :
  13. Roch

    Konami Violent Storm no sound

    This sound card may still be salvageable:
  14. Roch

    Atomiswave Multi

    Write a message in English, it should pass.
  15. Roch

    Atomiswave Multi

    For now, you can express your interest here → (EDIT : But it seems to me that you have already done so)
  16. Roch

    Home Arcade System

    Great, that'll make things easier.
  17. Roch

    Atomiswave Multi

    Yes, very good news.
  18. Roch

    Cyborg Force, new game

    Yeah :thumbup: !
  19. Roch

    DARKSOFT Get your MultiMVS Here:

    Great news, can't wait for it!