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  1. dos

    SOLD CIB WonderSwan Crystal / Modded PCEGT

    Just bumping this because I PMed @themisterfalcon about the PCE and then backed out like an asshole. It's still available as far as I know. Sorry :(
  2. dos

    FS WTB - Vewlix Diamond OEM 1080P monitor

    I prefer my DB monitor not being 1080P to be honest as I run mostly 720P native stuff on it. If I had an exa my tune would change probably but for now with TTX2 and RE2 I'm honestly in love with the DB monitor. Even scales 480P stuff well and there's never any drama regarding stuff not...
  3. dos

    FS Wire harnesses of all kinds, custom work

    RGBS cables for Toshiba chassis VGA connector: I'm taking a break for all of December and a good part of January as I'm relocating to Wichita, KS for work and have to set up both my new place and my day job stuff. If you need something, hit me up around mid January and I should be back in action.
  4. dos

    Negative feedback for YATON

    One month is good to average for Yaton (and a lot of these China guys) for parts. Not excusing the profound screwups on cab orders with a bunch of people here, but for parts he seems to be working nornally.
  5. dos

    Is a Cheap supergun really that bad? I'm assuming yes lol

    I own a MP07-IONA and it's a great device but I've heard they are really hit and miss with Naomi. Don't have a Naomi myself to test so not sure how much of that is user error.
  6. dos

    A Freeware Taito TypeX Multigame

    Very weird since the E3 is basically made for the TTX1
  7. dos

    Is a Cheap supergun really that bad? I'm assuming yes lol

    Absolutely no reason to pay $600 for a supergun in 2022 unless you really want a Japanese made tank (and they are admittedly very cool). No reason to buy a $30 china one either. This is the sweet spot imo:
  8. dos

    WTB Cable for Toshiba monitor chassis

    Yup that's EH. I'll PM you to get you sorted
  9. dos

    WTB Cable for Toshiba monitor chassis

    Can you show the other side of the connector? EH has a really distinctive ribbed look on the other side (a lot of these small JST series look very similar on the contact latching side in these photos)
  10. dos

    WTB Cable for Toshiba monitor chassis

    I need to see a photo of the connector itself outside of the header to be sure it's EH like I suspect. If so, yes I can
  11. dos

    WTB Cable for Toshiba monitor chassis

    Also I have the tool for this can can build it if it's EH
  12. dos

    WTB Cable for Toshiba monitor chassis

    Looks like JST EH but can't say conclusively without image of the connector
  13. dos

    SOLD Brand New Gate Ninety Aero City Side Art

    SOLD I bought this art a while back but ended up not needing it: This is not bent or creased in any way, it just has "memory" from shipping rolled up, hard to straighten out on my bed and I didn't want to put it on the floor. I will ship it rolled in the same hard tube it came in. I paid a...
  14. dos

    Today I worked on lots o’ cabs! (The CRT porn thread)

    Ahh that makes sense, I was thinking this was a bunch of different places
  15. dos

    Today I worked on lots o’ cabs! (The CRT porn thread)

    You should do a post detailing what arcades you have there and with some general description of what they have (and photos if possible!). I keep wanting to do a euro trip and from everything I've seen Oslo would definitely be part of that
  16. dos

    Today I worked on lots o’ cabs! (The CRT porn thread)

    Constantly impressed with these arcades you're showing us in Norway. I never would have guessed there were such rad arcades there.
  17. dos

    Want to replace & repair coin slot/door...

    Definitely not a Dynamo. Klov would know for sure what it is
  18. dos

    Want to replace & repair coin slot/door...

    I would keep the original door and replace the coin mechs, can you take a picture of what's inside?
  19. dos

    SEGA System 16 Jamma Adapters

    Reminds me of finding an official Sega-made Aero 2L12B on YAJ, never seen another before or since (I guess everyone used the SF branded ones with the annoyingly high LS-32 mounting) What I'd like to see pop up is that single player panel with the super wide spacing between the lever and...
  20. dos

    FS Thinning the herd (PCBs)

    Sky Shark/Flying Shark is one of the few STG I enjoy playing without autofire at all. Something about the way tapping out bullets feels in that game is *chef's kiss* and I've never seen even Toaplan themselves replicate it in anything else. E: Use buttons like Seimitsu PS-14-G for best effect