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    FS MVS KITS Collection

    Post updated with Sold stuff and up!
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    Positive feedback for Chrone

    Absolutely smooth transaction with @Chrone ,great guy to deal with, hope to you will enjoy V Five as much as i did 🙌
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    FS Selling my pcb inventory (Raizing, Toaplan, Irem, Capcom and much more)

    Hello, i am selling my whole pcb collection due to lack of interest, here is the list and prices, feel free to contact me for any information and pics. If prices are out of market please feel free to contact me with a decent offer 😊 Shipping from Italy not included 1944 Loop Master Cps2 B board...
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    WTB Lots of PCBs / Bakraid / Batrider / Hyper Duel / more

    I have on ebay and other forums, and already sent you prices on pm when you were looking for Sunset Riders (no reply) Here the links to my listings...
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    FOUND V・V, V-V, V-five (however you write it) PCB

    Hello, i have a full kit jap for sale if interested (pcb + Toaplan box + complete artset + stickers and a4 promo flyer) 😊
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    WTB Lots of PCBs / Bakraid / Batrider / Hyper Duel / more

    I have Bakraid and Batrider for sale
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    WTB Uncommon MVS Games

    Sure, i understand, good luck with your hunting
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    WTB Uncommon MVS Games

    Hello, looking for loose or also kits? I have some titles you are looking for but just full kits jap/usa
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    Positive feedback for XtraSmiley

    Sold to him Guwange and Asura Buster, very pleasant transaction and great chat, @XtraSmiley is an awesome guy to deal with 😊
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    WTB Cave arcade pops/art/obi from kits

    Hello, i have Mushihimesama Futari Complete Artset and Ibara Kuro Pop + Manual + art if interested. Alessandro
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    FOUND ISO Psikyo PCBs - Strikers 1945 II & Gunbird

    Hello, i have Strikers 1945 2, Dragon Blaze and Gunbird 2 full kits jap for sale, hit me if interested. Greetings Alessandro
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    FS MVS KITS Collection

    Post updated with SOLD stuff
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    FS MVS KITS Collection

    Hello everybody, i have decided to sell my MVS collection due to lack of interest. Mostly full kit matching with some exceptions, jap full kits and a lot of flyers too, please contact me if you need any information or picture. Shipping from Italy not included, pp payment or bank transfer...
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    WTB WTB Night Slashers - Willing to overpay !!! Let me know if you know someone who will sell their copy.

    Hey there, i have a Moo Mesa for sale, can ship to US, hit me with a message if interested. Cheers Alessandro