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  1. Mackie

    FS Taito Fast IO, Nesica Reader

    There is definitely a cluster of arcade games enthusiasts here.
  2. Mackie

    FS Taito Fast IO, Nesica Reader

    Bump, and lowered the Taito FIO to $70 OBO each.
  3. Mackie

    FS Taito Fast IO, Nesica Reader

    Nesica Reader sold. Taito Fast IOs, still available.
  4. Mackie

    FS Taito Fast IO, Nesica Reader

    For sale (shipping not included in the price) Taito Fast IO (x2) ($80 $70 each OBO) [Sold] Nesica Reader ($25) Accepting local pickup in San Jose, CA (USA) Shipping in USA Main 50 States only. Accepted Payments: Paypal F&F, No Comments or Tags Cash (if local pickup) I'll check my messages...
  5. Mackie

    FS Taito Group Purchase Thread - Round 1 (Egret 2 OEM Stickers/Decals)

    Oh Nice work! May I ask to put me down for 1 set.
  6. Mackie

    The Definitive Guide to the System 16 Multi Kit

    So I started to track and then I found one trace that was not connecting, so I bridged it, then tested and it was not working. Then tested again and found another trace that was not connecting anymore (while it was connecting the test before, but I guess by taking the multi out and putting it...
  7. Mackie

    The Definitive Guide to the System 16 Multi Kit

    I'll check continuity between 1, 2, and 3. However, you did not answer my question to know specifically where the games I listed are exactly stored, just in case continuity shows no issues on my side and this is a problem of just a deffective 27c322.
  8. Mackie

    The Definitive Guide to the System 16 Multi Kit

    I do not know which version this multi is. Here is a picture of it.
  9. Mackie

    The Definitive Guide to the System 16 Multi Kit

    Hi, I recently started to program and populate the multi on my side that I bought quite some time ago and that was sitting on a shelf since then. The process was pretty straightforward, however I have some games that do not launch while all the other ones launch and play totally fine: Aurail...
  10. Mackie

    FS High Quality Convergence Strips for your Tubes

    Hi, are you still making and selling these strips? I would like to buy a pack of 20 if possible.
  11. Mackie

    SOLD Initial D8 Twin Cabinet with Server

    I am selling Initial D8 racing cabinets and the server. Cabinets are complete, working, and in good shape. Server and cabinet linking works. One of the seat is missing a sticker (see pictures), one of the cabinet is missing the "segadrive" sign (see pictures). I will add few blank cards for the...
  12. Mackie

    FS SOLD - TAITO Egret 2 illumination marquee panel - NOS original

    GLWS. Unrelated with the sale, I really like the score board on the wall. where did you get the material to build it?
  13. Mackie

    Univeral Racing Game Cabinet

    Indeed I think SebArcade documented everything as far as I know. On my side I managed to make things work pretty well, but it required really quite some work, and I would highly encourage to take the pro version of the pcb, this helps to speed things quite drastically. Also I did not update...
  14. Mackie

    WTB New Astro City

    Better thread than the cave full set one. Thanks,
  15. Mackie

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Oh wonderful! I'll test that this week-end and report my experience. Thanks for investigating that!
  16. Mackie

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Like some people reported, I also experienced the input issue on progear (at least I really noticed it on this one), very often, at some specific point in the stage 1, I get up that is blocked. Because it looked like it was happening at specific spots, I thought this was related to the core...
  17. Mackie

    SOLD Namco SYS2X6 Setup

  18. Mackie

    FS Exa Kit Box Protectors - Precious Cardboard - production started (0 left)

    Nice, new games are starting to be sent, right on time for some exa owners.
  19. Mackie

    hi. everyone. i am yaton

    The man, the legend. We are Yaton. Welcome.