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  1. -Ace-

    FOUND Pandora's Box: The King Of Air 15khz JAMMA

    Hopefully a boatload :) I picked one up awhile back that is doing a good job collecting dust. . . .
  2. -Ace-

    FS Arcade Spring Cleaning - Vewlix Panels, Taito Fast IOs, Vewlix VS PCBs, Sega IOs

    Received a Taito Fast IO promptly and in awesome condition. Excellent seller here, thanks!
  3. -Ace-

    Super dodgeball pcb problem

    Not to mention that price. .ouch!
  4. -Ace-

    FS For Sale: several PCBs (Namco, Konami, Sega, Irem, etc.)

    Well, if code was altered to work with the pcb and missing the keycus, that would be important. I have never seen, other than a conversion, a Nebulasray with that small sub board. Would like to see a pic of yours if you get around to it. I have a conversion, and it looks identical to the OP's...
  5. -Ace-

    FS For Sale: several PCBs (Namco, Konami, Sega, Irem, etc.)

    In my opinion, I think $300 to $350 is a fair price for the conversion.
  6. -Ace-

    FS For Sale: several PCBs (Namco, Konami, Sega, Irem, etc.)

    Other than the clue of the eproms not having factory labels, but these can of course fall off, etc. the biggest tell tale sign is the small pcb in the corner of the pcb. This is a reproduction pcb. See pic for what an original small pcb should look like. . . .
  7. -Ace-

    FS For Sale: several PCBs (Namco, Konami, Sega, Irem, etc.)

    Nebulasray looks like a conversion- can you confirm?
  8. -Ace-

    Ringedge 2 help needed

    I did neither of those, nor was told to. I just assumed I was buying a ready to play unit. I guess I would wonder why it wouldn't have already been done before me getting it. I'll look into these options, thanks for the advice!
  9. -Ace-

    Ringedge 2 help needed

    Looking for some direction on a Ringedge 2 unit I purchased working with a multi from a member here quite awhile back. Because I have a bad habit of not testing stuff when it arrives, I finally got around to playing with this unit to find it isn't working. At first it was completely dead. Did...
  10. -Ace-

    FS Working and faulty original PCB

    I don't think anyone means any harm. Sales posts are just a little more scrutinized lately due to the recent scam some of us, including me, were unfortunate recipients of. Good luck with your sales.
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    FS WTT: Avatar PS5

    Have a brand new, unopened Avatar for the PS5 I received as a gift. Not really interested in it and would like to trade for the new Prince of Persia for any platform, new or used, or my second option would be the new Assassins Creed Mirage. LMK if you have any of these and want to trade even...
  12. -Ace-

    Toaplan 'GXL-02' reproduction

    Thanks, I'll give those a shot.
  13. -Ace-

    Toaplan 'GXL-02' reproduction

    What symptom(s) would a Shy Shark or Twin Cobra pcb exhibit if the GXL-02' was bad? I have both of these pcb's that give a blank screen upon boot-up. Would a faulty chip completely "kill" the pcb, or just give corrupted sprite graphics?
  14. -Ace-

    FS Account hacked, be smart

    Yes, so far burned for $355 unless my bank can help out. As Mitsu pointed out, Paypal has been next to zero help- they just pushed the burden onto my bank to figure out. I spoke with (2) different people yesterday and then again this morning. was the email used...
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    My apologies for muddying your sales post- I should have done so in a PM.
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    Actually not funny. I just lost $355 because some bozo couldn't keep their information buttoned up and got hacked. Yes, it is part my fault for falling for the lame request of FF. I requested for Darksoft to ban the request pf FF in sales forums so nobody else will loose money like I did. . ...
  17. -Ace-

    Audio probe to aid in board repairs

    I would be interested-
  18. -Ace-

    Positive feedback for statix138

    Bought a Gunbird 2 pcb from statix138. Pcb was shipped promptly, and very well packaged in an anti-static bag too. Very pleased with the transaction, thanks!
  19. -Ace-

    FS Some working boards

    PM sent-
  20. -Ace-

    FOUND Taito type x2 with Multigame x1 x2 nesica 68 Games + MAME 5000 games SSD 250 GB

    Thanks again for the write up! I started trying to put together a disc last night to a little success. . .