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  1. Heinz

    FS Taito Vewlix Repro Marquee Lights - Pre-Orders (CLOSED)

    Where's the thumbs down button?
  2. Heinz

    FS Vewlix Universal Monitor Mount

    The measurements are the same, I checked but I have yet to install mine.
  3. Heinz

    Type X3 booting but no display

    Tired old mobos die a slow death. My original x3 mobo would shut itself down randomly, tried different cpus, ram and gpu and same BS. Get away from it, pick another 6 series chipset mobo.
  4. Heinz

    Type X3 video card and CPU upgrade

    You can go up to any Sandy Bridge CPU and any GPU providing you update the bios.
  5. Heinz

    Type X3 booting but no display

    Throw the old motherboard out! Grab any old micro atx 6 series intel chipset motherboard, remove the 5v pin from the FP header and use a nearby USB header instead.
  6. Heinz

    Vewlix new owner Qs

    You're asking many questions which have many answers depending on what you want to end up with and what you are willing to invest time into or not. There are many ways to go about a multi and there is a very nice multi that is perfect for the Vewlix (something about an X3, do a google search)...
  7. Heinz

    FS Vewlix Universal Monitor Mount

    I assume by Diamond Blue support the Diamond Black / Orange is also supported?
  8. Heinz

    Wire harness for Blast/Astro/New Net City similar?

    As far as I know but the rest of the harness of the Blast City harness is entirely different due to it's IO.
  9. Heinz

    Taito Type X 3 (TTX3) Owners Thread - Pics/Info/Stuff

    Neither do I. Just switch the cab on and the auto start kicks in from the IO. Turning off is soft of course.
  10. Heinz

    Taito Type X3 TTX3 Buyers Guide for newbies!

    Good enough for the ultra casual player like me! But I dunno about it being accurate especially with the OG LCD.
  11. Heinz

    Type X, X2, X3 & X4 Resolutions

    X3 and X4 are 720p/1080p. Maybe 480p can't see why not but I don't think any of the games are.
  12. Heinz

    Type X3 video card and CPU upgrade

    I'd replace the PSU if the 780 works in another machine, however always a good idea anyway because the original has likely had many years of 24/7 use.
  13. Heinz

    Converting my PC to a TTX

    I think it might be easier to build a PC around the TTX3 multi image but basically yes. The motherboard must have a COM port though so keep that in mind because not all motherboards have them especially in recent times.
  14. Heinz

    Type X3 video card and CPU upgrade

    I put a 1060 3gb in mine, even that is overkill.
  15. Heinz

    TTX3 Boot menu key?

    You could always swap out the generic intel board for an old gaming p67 series intel board. It'd be like stepping into the 21st century.
  16. Heinz

    Taito Type X3 multi

    It's Windows 10 based, it'll run on anything x64 from the last 5 years+ Whether it runs well is another thing, You must have at least a GTX640.
  17. Heinz

    Taito Type3 fastio missing part (needed or not?)

    It's needed for the game that came with it on the HDD but if you're planning on using the multi image then no.
  18. Heinz

    SOLVED - TTX3 Multi Fast IO problem

    Pretty good deal for 20, damn. Good luck with it man.