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  1. xlom

    Hangtime MAX + Teaser

    Is there a tool you are setting up or docs that will be available for people to make their own custom versions?
  2. xlom

    Specification of the Taito Type x4?

    I have a love live that's stuck in a boot up loop issue. The fans spin up and as soon as that dip switch card green light comes on, the fans all stop and it seems to reboot and repeat the process. Is that similar to your issue and is there something you did with that dip switch card to fix it?
  3. xlom

    Sega Net City vs link board (838-13816-91) info

    I tried this as well but got the same results. After 3-5 matches, controls would stop responding when used in the head to head setup on new net and net city cabs.
  4. xlom

    FS FREE: Older Sega Panels & Racing panel covers (San Antonio, TX)

    Dang, yeah I must've messaged just after you joe. could def use some of the net city panels
  5. xlom

    Ringedge 2 stuck with RTC Error 8114

    It was working up until a couple weekends ago when it started not booting. it would randomly come up, and looking around, it seemed like a cmos battery issue. following the instructions to swap the jumper back and forth after putting in the new battery and now we get this error every time on boot.
  6. xlom

    Ringedge 2 stuck with RTC Error 8114

    We're trying to bring back up a ringedge 2 after replacing the CMOS battery and when it boots, it's saying "Error 8114 ALL.Net System Error (RTC)" We've set the CMOS clock and tried a few other bios settings, but we're unsure how to get past this error. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
  7. xlom

    Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun

    Thanks! Just put in an order for 2!
  8. xlom

    Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun

    What's the pinout on the kick harness for this? I recently got a jammafier and it's pinout is looks like this. Was curious if that matched the minigun.
  9. xlom

    Axun Workshop - JAMMA Extractor (JAMMA Capture/Streaming Adapter)

    I ordered mine in Feb, received it late june.
  10. xlom

    Axun Workshop - JAMMA Extractor (JAMMA Capture/Streaming Adapter)

    Does anyone know what the changes were for the 2.6 revision? I see a new vertical pot near the RGB ADJ 1. Is this volume control perhaps?
  11. xlom

    Axun Workshop - JAMMA Extractor (JAMMA Capture/Streaming Adapter)

    Mine arrived yesterday! It seems to be a new revision; 2.6. It seems to have a new pot just above r7 on the board. I'm thinking it might be volume control? My buddy got a 2.5 and we had Lemony make an awesome split kick harness cable that allows us to use both the control panel built into the...
  12. xlom

    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    I saw that doom was added, but when I download the v6.1 AIO Download, I didn't see it in the list of included games once I wrote the img to a card. Wanted to make sure I'm actually downloading the latest version
  13. xlom

    CvS2 on linked Net City cabs

    Talked with a few people and they are saying that option is just for if you want to connect dreamcast controllers. The weird issues I'm seeing are when in event mode, after 4-5 games, starting a new one sends you to test. In non-event mode, it seems like letting it idle at attract for too...
  14. xlom

    CvS2 on linked Net City cabs

    I'm running CvS2 on a pair of linked Net City cabs and found a spreadsheet here that mentioned C-Panel needed to be set on and "the jumper in position "A" Does anyone know which jumper it's referring to? The game keeps either crashing to test menu or controls stop responding after a while and...
  15. xlom

    SSF2X Tournament Battle announced!!

    View: Here's the URL for now until I get a chance to download the broadcast and cut to just the Tournament Battle gameplay. That's all at the first half of this though. This is the link to the event from this weekend. We should...
  16. xlom

    Neo-Geo controller adapters

    Is it possible to rebind the buttons on the md2neo? We just plugged one into a supergun and the kicks on are x y z and and punches a b c. Need to reverse that
  17. xlom

    Taito x4 multi controls

    Seems most of those are edited in the mame setup. Deathsmiles 2 is edited in another folder, but I forget which.
  18. xlom

    FS Big Buck Hunter HD Wild cab with Online Reloaded

    I just signed up for the online service and it was included with my monthly fee. I've since gotten the RELOADED marquee and the Terminator topper. Working on getting the reloaded graphics for the side of the machine
  19. xlom

    Taito x4 multi controls

    So I've discovered I pretty much have to go into each game's folder and run the controller config to get in game controls working. However, for the cave folder, I just have a bunch of a3x files and can't seem to figure out how to configure those games. Anyone out there know how I might achieve...