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  1. euphoria

    FS DOOYONG R. Shark pcb JAMMA ORIGINAL with FLYER AND Instruction shmups

    hi : bazingo regards euphoria 🙃
  2. euphoria

    WTB Wanted by twistedsymphony (I bet you no one has any of this for sale)

    hi : twisted I have a few of your high priority items on your current list. But alais not for sale. Good luck with the hunt. That lemmings i believe is only 1 around? mike dally has a copy. Why not ask him? regards euphoria
  3. euphoria

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Ahh : i see View: lol euphoria 🙃 ahhhhhh!!!!!
  4. euphoria

    Spinner Joystick Pre-Order

    hi : all Yes please i rarely checkin on this topic 1:1 if the ghox spinners materialize or someone has a pair for sale. Also could do with another loop24 joystick. Afaia i have found almost all of the other control sticks i needed except ---------> regards euphoria 🙃 (rarh! feed me...
  5. euphoria

    Apocalypse Multis Black Friday Sale 2023

    hi : sirs Well i missed out. You say s18? i would be up for this multi without eproms for this deal if still available? pm me. regards euphoria 🙃
  6. euphoria

    WTB RC de Go! controller

    hi : trashed Try trading with twisted symphony. He has 2 i believe. However he may not sell. kind regards euphoria 🙃
  7. euphoria

    SOLD [FS] Guwange PCB + original flyers 1.7k euro

    hi : xsmiley Question. Do you offer the same service when you sell. From what i read, and between the lines. You want someone to send to you. Once it arrives. Then you pay for it? If this is the case. I feel very few people would send it to you. I would also have my reservations as...
  8. euphoria

    WTB konami viper pcmcia card

    hi : all Does anyone have any pcmcia carts for the konami vioer boarset for sale? regards euphoria 🙃
  9. euphoria

    brizzo hello!

    hi : @brizzo Any chance you can pm me back on the crytal multi cards or are you currently mia? kind regards euphoria 🙃
  10. euphoria

    wai wai cart

    hi : all Does anyone know if this cart is naked pcb only / or plasticed up and if it is hard to find? Common/fair/hard/rare? or other. This is one i was looking at buying. kind regards euphoria 🙃
  11. euphoria

    WTB artwork and pcb's

    Hi : sir Ahh no. I do have 2 x nos main pcb's for this. I am missing the sound and video pvb's. Will trade nos mainboard for both other pcb's + cash if need be? kind regards euphoria 🙃
  12. euphoria

    WTB artwork and pcb's regards euphoria 🙃
  13. euphoria

    WTB artwork and pcb's

    hi : all Looking for the following : any batman forever arcade for the arcade game artwork repro or original forgotten worlds pcb dead or alive, can trade if need be pcb's for magic the gathering arcade die alien scum pcb set (price neg) beavis and butthead pcb set (price neg) or any...
  14. euphoria

    FS Altered Beast, Street Fighter 1, Thunder Fox

    hi : shadow Bazingo! regaeds euphoria 🙃
  15. euphoria

    Brezzasoft Crystal System conversions

    hi : darksoft / brizzo Let me know if these are still available. regards euphoria 🙃
  16. euphoria

    Irem M92 Multi Game Support

    hi : mits Can you please add me to the m92 irem multi list. regards euphoria 🙃
  17. euphoria

    Spinner Joystick Pre-Order

    hi : sir While you are on the subject. I did but a few loop 24 nos joysticks from happ, i believe. So if you need anything on loop 24 perhaps i can assist with these. Subject to testing them. But this is another matter entirely. Again @XtraSmiley for trying to find your ghox stuff...
  18. euphoria

    Spinner Joystick Pre-Order

    hi : my man Should this come to fruition i would buy a set, perhaps more. Unless you could provide some modifications to use the existing spinners bought with a modification to kit these up as. @hursit . Keep me posted, would love for this to occur. Or at some point i may modify my...
  19. euphoria


    hi : hammy 36: @euphoria PAID +NA1 Is the limbo line being updated at any time? kind regards euphoria 🙃