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    FS CPS3 ultra bios SH2 cart only

    Since I no longer have a CPS3 setup, I have this CPS3 ultra bios CD cart with a standard SH2 on it. It can play everything, including 4th Strike. The case is a legit Capcom case and not a 3D printed case. What you see is what you get. Asking $320 shipped anywhere in the USA with tracking and...
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    Can I objectively say that I have a JAMMA and not a JVS cabinet

    What cab do you have? Stating what cab it is would definitely give you an answer.
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    SOLD 2 way JAMMA switcher - SOLD

    This has been SOLD! -------- I have a 2 way JAMMA switcher by RiddledTV. I only used it once and it worked fine. Just don't need it anymore. Includes everything you need to hook up 2 JAMMA games at once. Asking $90 shipped anywhere in the USA. DM me if you're interested. Pictures will be...
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    Positive feedback for Cage4296

    He might be a noob to the forums, but this man packs things like a champ. Bought a 1 slot from him and it was very well package. Don't hesitate to buy from him!
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    SOLD AWSD/Egret 3 PFX Chassis Trays

    Got mine. And as usual, the packing job is superb. Always great to deal with @themisterfalcon
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    FS Hyper Fighting and World Warrior CPS-1

    I mean, who actually works at work? :P
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    SOLD Irken Labs Jammafier 1.7C $50

    Damn that's a steal. Too bad I don't need it. GLWS though.
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    FS Hyper Fighting and World Warrior CPS-1

    I have a Street Fighter Hyper Fighting and a Street Fighter World Warrior B + C ONLY. You will need to supply your own A board. Once again, it is B and C board only. Prices do NOT include shipping. DM me if you're interested. I'm willing to take trades, just DM me what you have. Hyper...
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    SOLD Muscle Bomber Duo CPS 1.5

    This has been SOLD! Thanks to all that showed interest. --------------------------- I have a Muscle Bomber Duo CPS 1.5 game that's the world version. It's still on the battery, which the battery holder has been replaced with something that where you can easily replace the battery. There is...
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    Viewlix OLED recommendations

    Are there even that many to choose from in 32 inches for OLED?
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    FS Taito X3 video cards

    I have a couple of Taito X3 video card that came out of their respective machines. These are official Taito GPU and not aftermarket. I have upgraded my video cards in my X3 and don't need these anymore. Prices do NOT include shipping. GTX 660 (came out of a Nesica 2 machine) - $65 GTX 760...
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    Hello from Nevada/Northern California

    Oh man, you and I are practically neighbors. I am close to White and McKee.
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    Positive feedback for astro_zombie138

    Bought a very big ticket item for him and everything was packed like a pro, communication was excellent and item arrived quickly. He is very easy to deal with. I would definitely buy from him again.
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    Hello from Nevada/Northern California

    Welcome. I live in the hood of east San Jose, so we're neighbors.
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    System Y2 Advice

    I have one and be warned that in 15 khz, it's interlaced.
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    Interest evaluation: cps1 mult crystal and/or audio merge kit

    I would like to be on the list for BOTH please.
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    Positive Feedback for Battlesmurf

    He's a freak. But I do love him. <3
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    FS FS: Broken Taito X2

    I have a broken Taito X2. I can't get it to power up and I can't be bothered to spend time getting it to work since I have X3 machines. What you see is what you get. Everything is there except the top plate and one back cover for a PCI slot. Asking $100 plus shipping cost. I won't ship these...
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    TYX4 SFV paperweight

    I feel the same will happen with Street Fighter 6 Arcade. Thought I personally don't think it will be released. It'll probably be canceled because its basically the same thing that's happened with SF5. But I guess we will see...
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    TYX4 SFV paperweight

    So I checked today and just in payable characters alone... the Steam version has 45 characters where as the X3 (type arcade) only has 35 characters/ I don't know about the balancing since I only checked for playable characters.