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  1. PaulWoodpross3r

    FOUND Scud Race DX (The First Version) Model 3 Step 1.5 ROM Board

    Update: I did get my hands on what was previously an undumped version of this particular software, shipped all the way from Australia to my US door! The existing set in MAME is 'Revision A', which this particular ROM Board had no Revision number on it, hence why I acquired it. Differences to...
  2. PaulWoodpross3r

    Sega Rally | Sega Rally 2 PCB Question

    I have played Harley-Davidson & L.A. Riders in my Scud Race/Lemans cabinet, and you need to short the Rear Brake (CN1, Pin 9) to a ground pin on your filter board. I have shorted this pin to pin 6, CN10 (RS422 port) and the game plays fine, though it is the only Model 3 racing game that does not...
  3. PaulWoodpross3r

    Use USB/PS2 game pad on JAMMA/JVS

    Sorry for the bump, but I'd eventually like to make something like that as a side-project this year. Take ANY non-force feedback USB racing controller, interfaced with that USB Host Board + Arduino and plug it directly to the game board by spoofing 3 digipots, or run a multi-channel digital pot...
  4. PaulWoodpross3r

    Daytona 2 refurb lingering issues

    So do you still get a hum when you turn the knob? If it sounds a semitone lower than a 60hz bus, that's the hum from the game board itself (presumably because it runs at 57.5hz instead of 60hz). Usually that's an issue with the ROM Board or CPU board, but I've mostly found it's a bad connection...
  5. PaulWoodpross3r

    Simple analog steering wheel / accel brake to micro switch circuit.

    This is beyond wicked and benefits people who want to play racing games on their Supergun. It would also benefit people who want to mod console race wheels or controls that don't have potentiometers. Have you tried this with any Sega Model 2 or 3 boards? Scud Race requires the gas to be held at...
  6. PaulWoodpross3r

    super gt 24h - fixed

    I don't own this game but Indy 500 on the 2B. I think to also have the proper polarity for pedals in this, at least from emulation testing, you set the I/O Type to 'A' in the test menu which is for Model 2 cabinets. The default is something else iirc. Are you using a standard, positive feedback...
  7. PaulWoodpross3r

    3x5" Speaker Replacement

    Bump but I am having the same problem with my Le Mans 24 machine. The original front speakers were blown. I've replaced them a few times with a couple of Panasonic TV Speakers that have the same exact mounting holes, but most of them definitely don't sound very good unless you put in the OEM...
  8. PaulWoodpross3r

    FOUND Scud Race DX (The First Version) Model 3 Step 1.5 ROM Board

    It is, and technically I could burn up chips since it is just a clone ROM. Though I was kinda looking for them OEM; I see it every now and then. I burned an entire Model 3 Step 2 ROM board to Emergency Call Ambulance once, using a GQ4X4 programmer and the 16-bit socket adapter.
  9. PaulWoodpross3r

    FOUND Scud Race DX (The First Version) Model 3 Step 1.5 ROM Board

    Thanks to Zax Amusements in Australia I finally acquired this one. Hello, Anyone worldwide have a Scud Race DX Board set or just the individual Model 3 Step 1.5 ROM Board? This is the very first version from 1996 and it is single player only, non-linkable. One of the main program chips is...
  10. PaulWoodpross3r

    Sega Model 2/3 A/B/C - CRX and how I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

    The Model 2B/2C filter board has two unused connectors on CN7 and CN15 that seem to bond together. 2A has these in a different spot also. I put my House of the Dead in the much nicer Model 3 cage which uses NH connectors for the fan. After having chips in other Model 2s fail from overheating, I...
  11. PaulWoodpross3r

    SOLD Crazy Taxi Naomi Cart

    BUMP!!! Now offering $325
  12. PaulWoodpross3r

    SOLD Crazy Taxi Naomi Cart

    Hi, I have a Crazy Taxi cart up for grabs. Was tested in a Naomi 2 working, though the cartridge needs to be snug in order for the system to read it. So many hilarious prices on eBay for like $900 lmao gotta love scalpers and retro game collecting nowadays. Asking $370 US shipped OBO. Please...
  13. PaulWoodpross3r

    WTB Crazy Taxi NAOMI Cart

    I have one. DM me if you're still interested.
  14. PaulWoodpross3r

    FS MP07-IONA-US JVS/USB I/O Board: Worldwide Sales & Troubleshooting Thread

    I've ordered me an official MP07-IONA-US from Japan. So glad to finally compromise relying on having to disassemble 15 million different cheap racing wheels to play Jambo Safari, and attempting to mod them, only to find out they end up as bin fodder. Is it possible to adapt a Sinden Lightgun to...
  15. PaulWoodpross3r

    FS Sega Virtua Striker Model 2B - Working Boards

    Great prices on all those. Ideal for a Sonic The Fighters conversion. These aren't as fussy about power compared to Model 2A which is a pig.
  16. PaulWoodpross3r

    SOLD Sega Model 2B-CRX Indy 500 Complete Boardset (NO Cage)

    Hello, I have an Indy 500 Model 2B complete board that was from a working game. I do have a filter board that I can include with the stack also, but it's not pictured. DM me if you have any questions. Asking $175 shipped or OBO.
  17. PaulWoodpross3r

    WTB WTB cps3 ultrabios cart and sega model 2&3 boardsets

    Bump, but I have a spare Model 3 Step 2 stack (from an HD LA Riders), and an Indy 500 Model 2B I was willing to part with. They do not have cages but I will include all PCB legs that came with them. $160 for the Step 2 (no ROM board) OBO. Does have a bent filter board connector but works with...
  18. PaulWoodpross3r

    SOLD Sega Model 3 Step 2 Complete Stack (NO ROM Board) As-Is $160 OBO

    Here are pictures of the stack running my Ski Champ ROM Board. After briefly testing it, the game displayed clean graphics and passed all the tests as shown in the picture (my cab's monitor has some shaky vertical when booted from cold and needs to be recapped eventually). :)
  19. PaulWoodpross3r

    SOLD Sega Model 3 Step 2 Complete Stack (NO ROM Board) As-Is $160 OBO

    Hello, I have a Model 3 Step 2 Complete Stack minus the ROM Board, from a Harley-Davidson L.A. Riders cabinet that was destroyed. Video board was repaired in 2021, but sometimes causes minor graphic glitches every other cycle, and one night I saw the video board yield a IC70-71 error, a few...