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  1. JohnRambo'sKnife

    FS FS/FT: Atomiswave Big Sale PRICEDROP, Fire Shark Toaplan 449,00 EUR, Super X Mitchel 219,00 EUR

    Fireshark is such a good game. Shocked this is still here for such a good price. GLWS.
  2. JohnRambo'sKnife

    Blast City / Astro City / Astro City 2 / NNC - Restorations

    Painting is all prep and making sure you really get things as clean as possible. Use a good primer. The actual painting part is not difficult. Less is more when it comes to laying down even coats. Leave it out in the sun for a week before you do anything with it.
  3. JohnRambo'sKnife

    DARKSOFT CPS1 Multi - Support thread

    Normal delay to me. It is not instantaneous.
  4. JohnRambo'sKnife

    WTB WTB Aero City Lock "S" Tangs

    Did you find these? I think I ended up with a few by accident and no Aero.
  5. JohnRambo'sKnife

    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    Someone buy the Dell CRT he has listed for 10K. Lol.
  6. JohnRambo'sKnife


    Honestly, no one would be posting here if you followed through with your obligations in a timely fashion and didn't just ignore folks when they ask you what is going on. I post here and what do you know, I got a response. My problem is that you gave me that line 2 months ago. Since I can no...
  7. JohnRambo'sKnife


    @Hammy - May I politely ask for a refund? I haven't seen the tracking number you provided to me on February 3 do anything and I did not get a response to my last two messages. I understand you are busy, but I've been waiting for well over a year. No disrespect, but at this point, I just want my...
  8. JohnRambo'sKnife

    FS SOLD: Retrotink 5x-Pro

    I honestly like this better than the 4X. Mich easier to use. GLWS, very fair price.
  9. JohnRambo'sKnife

    WTB Wanted New Net City Side Art NOS

    I wasn't aware there were two types. Care to share any more details on telling them apart?
  10. JohnRambo'sKnife

    Positive Feedback for Shadows

    @shadows sold me a small item and was very fair with the shipping from Canada to the US. Excellent packaging and arrived in perfect shape. Arrived in a sealed it in an antistatic bag. Hope to deal with again. Nice guy all around.
  11. JohnRambo'sKnife

    Positive Feedback for Hammy

    How long is a while?
  12. JohnRambo'sKnife

    Blast City / Astro City / Astro City 2 / NNC - Restorations

    That Blast is gorgeous. Can we see more pictures of the screen?
  13. JohnRambo'sKnife

    WTB RetroTINK 5X-Pro Found

    RT5 is better imo as it has standard VGA output if you plan to use in a JVS cabinet.
  14. JohnRambo'sKnife

    Naomi Universal paint colors?

    Bumping this as I am curious as well.
  15. JohnRambo'sKnife

    SEGA 400-5261 keeps blowing fuse

    I have a NAC psu (400-5261) that just started blowing fuses. Has been recapped and fixed some bad traces. No burned areas or anything that looks like it is suspect. Not seeing any shorts with meter, so a bit stumped. Thinking it may be one of the voltage regulators. Looking for any guidance...
  16. JohnRambo'sKnife

    Positive feedback for statix138

    +1 for @statix138 as well. I bought a fairly difficult to find board a minute before the hacking incident, but he made sure I was ok. Easy to deal with and arrived very well packed.
  17. JohnRambo'sKnife

    Positive Feedback for KC

    Bought a Versus City from KC at the tail end of 2023. Nicest machine I've ever received. Arrived exactly as pictured. Much prefer the cabinet as pictured model like @310Imports offers over the lottery approach offered by some others.