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    Lovely !
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    FS Fantasy Zone 2 DX (The Tears Of Opa Opa) (SEGA) + SEGA System 16B multi

    Added : Fantasy Zone 2 DX Sega System 16B multi First post updated with all details
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    FOUND Kaneko supernova Jpn pcb

    Hello @sheep_nova buddy . Its jap version , your proposal its fine . That red corner its the clue ! ✌🏻
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    FS CPS2, Mr. Driller G, Nebulas Ray, carts and other PCBs

    nice price guys for Bad Dudes ✌🏻
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    Single Vertical Line on Astro Monitor

    If you are not nervous , the best way to remove the chassis is with the cabinet turned off . Look here how to remove / discharge tube / replace the chassis (is in french,but the steps are same in any situation) : ps : first step is everytime discharging the tube (put one hand in pocket always)...
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    Welcome ✌🏻
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    Dismantling a New/Astro City - how hard it can be?

    Its what i received from China , was restored and repainted indeed . Its good for me , looks good so far from when i have it ✌🏻
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    Dismantling a New/Astro City - how hard it can be?

    Is super easy ✌🏻. at least .. for me was easy . i found that when i was in front in the front door apartment …. we bring this up along with other 3 persons . 4 persons , 2 floors , 16 steps + from the front of block enter building where the driver left it . If i knew , i would have disassembled...
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    Interest Check - NEW MVS MULTI BATCH!!

    Tempting for me to get the amazing MVS Multi cart by Darksoft. Im interested +1 ✌🏻
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    Positive feedback for plasticfactory

    Great & nice to deal with @plasticfactory :happy: Ive sent him my ex Nebulas Ray pcb ! Everything went perfect !
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    Available Now! Console JAMMAizer! Easily connect home consoles to your JAMMA arcade cabinet.

    Hello @Arthrimus … brother @kikaso want a proto v2 ✌🏻 Also need to get one psx adapter to use on Has supergun with an psx stick i have ✌🏻
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    WTB WTB: Nesica X Live 2 balltops

    i have the nesicaxlive2 panel and i think will look nice in combination with white sanwa buttons
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    WTB WTB: Nesica X Live 2 balltops

    I searched to see them better but i didnt found something . Hopefully they exist as spare parts 🙏🏻
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    Good day from Eastern Europe, Romania

    Welcome 👍🏻
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    FS For Sale: several PCBs (Namco, Konami, Sega, Irem, etc.)

    Closer pictures on both sides can confirm if is conversion or not ... from what i know , this game cant be converted by rom swapping procedure . Maybe you can put other pictures on the theard for this purpose !
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    Atomiswave Multi

    @9999 Damage ... maybe is a issue with sd card
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    WTB LCD Monitor from Landing High Japan

    @Psyko-M1 … try with brother @NikoletatosG , maybe he have something ✌🏻
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    a hello from hokkaido(Japan)

    Welcome ! one of the biggest collection ive seen ✌🏻👏🏻
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    FS Asahi Seiko Coin Mechs For Sale

    they arent compatible with 24.3mm coins . - these models (ad81p - 500¥) are compatible with 26.5mm (peoples said these can be adjusted , but im not sure its true - if you want i have one where i tried to adjusted but i didnt did too much with… its yours if you want it as free item , only pay...
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    FS Fantasy Zone 2 DX (The Tears Of Opa Opa) (SEGA) + SEGA System 16B multi

    - Air Assault conversion (IREM M107 hardware - RARE) sold to @Hasuki-san