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  1. tiff_lee

    Neutral feedback for ImportantBet

    I guess this is the crux of the issue, the distinction between making a financial transaction and merely talking about one. How many people have had discussions about deals that were supposed to happen ('reached an agreement') but fell through? Do we open the door here for feedback threads on...
  2. tiff_lee

    Neutral feedback for ImportantBet

    That was my first impression as well, this is the second (maybe third) feedback i've seen this year for deals that didn't happen and stopped at the messaging phase. With regards to formal guidelines the pinned post does say Perhaps this needs revision but the way I read that is it's implied a...
  3. tiff_lee

    MiSTer FPGA

    Yeah looks great but i'm dubious about what availability is going to be like, at that price point I can see it being bought in bulk and marked up
  4. tiff_lee

    Help to identify this bracket/mount

    I have this metal bracket/mount and I can't remember what it's off, came with a bulk load from yahoo Japan a long time ago, it may have come with a bulk lot of Namco 246/256 units so may or may not be related to them... look familiar to anyone? Cheers, Lee
  5. tiff_lee

    GBS 8200 D1 mini PLCC mount pcb (for GBS Control)

    Hi all, I needed half a dozen GBS Control units for various cabs and decided to have a go at making the PCB mount i'd seen online, could probably do with some changes but here it is as V1. All you need is the PCB itself, a PLCC 44 socket with the internal standoffs trimmed off and some short...
  6. tiff_lee

    Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun

    GBS Control will improve the functionality View:
  7. tiff_lee

    CPS3 Repro Cart & ZuluSCSI

    I was wondering if the problem was being caused by the use of this: Mitsurugi_w_NoCD Utility.iso , assuming it is this but from reading the thread that is to write an encrypted No CD image to simms using a...
  8. tiff_lee

    CPS3 Repro Cart & ZuluSCSI

    I might be missing something here, but OP has:- Ultrabios NoCD cart (unless I am misinterpreting this "Darksoft repro CPS3 cart with UltraBIOS + NoCD") is missing a 128mb simm Surely this needs to be a CD bios to install the game and you need that additional simm.
  9. tiff_lee

    SEGA System 16 Jamma Adapters

    Thanks, not bad for the first attempt at making a PCB on kicad. Yeah I should sell them really not like I need a pile of them, I need to order more switches first and I was going to 3D print some spacers for each side the same height of standard PCB feet
  10. tiff_lee

    SEGA System 16 Jamma Adapters

    and done, created a panel of two together so I could get the 45 deg chamfer on the fingers, a single board was too small to meet the jlpcb pre-requisite. The side pieces and boards easily snap off (v-cut).
  11. tiff_lee

    Negative Feedback for thechop

    @shelcoof for future reference if you're using paypal and its a foreign currency transaction consider signing up to Wise. Transfer money into your wise account (from your actual account not credit card as that may classify as a cash advance) then pay via paypal in the sellers currency. On your...
  12. tiff_lee

    X68000 Sharp Monitor - Need Help

    That ARRX15G looks pretty flash for an old remote, I have a oneforall JP1 remote and yeah it's a bit of a pita, i've done it through this website before you follow the prompts and it generates the file you download into your remote using the USB connection...
  13. tiff_lee

    WTB CPS2 cartridge shells

    Good luck in your search as i'm sure you've discovered these are terribly brittle these days i've had some crack merely opening the case. I know you haven't asked this but you may not be aware but have you looked at alternatives, perspex cases , jasens CPS2 case etc
  14. tiff_lee

    CPS3 loading crash almost at the end ( ERROR 26 )

    That thread seems to be the opposite of your problem, working RCA out but no jamma out due to a blown amp IC. If you have full volume control through the pot (over jamma) you need to be looking at the signal path after that pot where it splits, see the schematic above the RCA signal path has...
  15. tiff_lee

    CPS3 loading crash almost at the end ( ERROR 26 )

    Just to add and for clarification a high to low level converter like that would normally be used for a device that doesn't have a native low level output (like a car stereo with no pre-outs for your amp). So you take an already amplified signal (the speaker outputs) and attenuate it down a...
  16. tiff_lee

    CPS3 loading crash almost at the end ( ERROR 26 )

    Where are you connecting that to, is there a header on the board? That's designed for speaker (high) level audio in , I would of thought the RCA out is low level so you then feed to an external amplifier via RCA/phono cable.
  17. tiff_lee

    CPS3 loading crash almost at the end ( ERROR 26 )

    High to low level converter? I would of thought the RCAs are low level output (pre-amplification stage). My boards are all packed away so nothing on hand to look at right now but it can't be that serious, if you have amplified audio then obviously the audio signal is being generated,
  18. tiff_lee

    Negative Feedback on Omar Fernandez aka Candy Cab King on instagram and Paypal name Horacio Hernandez AP name Arcade game

    Who here is displaying a lack of empathy? People are very understanding but like @imbord3rlin3 said if you find yourself in a situation of any kind that's going to impact on delivery of goods or services (that you have already charged for) then just come out and disclose. It's hardly in good...
  19. tiff_lee

    SEGA G-Loc: complete restoration saga.

    I seen a couple of old gloc deluxes running Afterburner climax . One was using a ps3 and the other a lindbergh but obviously neither had motion something you could possibly do with your custom setup. I was thinking what about changing pulley diameters on the motor/ballscrew. IIRC correctly the...