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  1. Kagaden

    Neo Geo MVS-4-25 v3 Restoration

    This is such a beautiful restore, thanks for sharing. I love these cabinets too, they were so iconic in arcades! Looking forward to seeing the final finishing touches. Great job!
  2. Kagaden

    Interest Check: Pre-made upgraded 161-in-1 multicarts - All spots filled - 11/13 : WAITLIST

    Hope the flooding damage for your buddy wasn't too bad @rewrite :unsure: It sounds bad, we've been getting a lot of rain lately Thanks for the update on how you're doing. When you're ready to ship, I can probably drive by and pick mine up if that helps a little.
  3. Kagaden

    MiSTerAddons MiSTercade - MiSTer for JAMMA cabinets

    That's great news! Thank you for your work mapping the controls and keeping them updated, it saves so much time and makes the mistercade very convenient.
  4. Kagaden

    Sega ALLS System

    Yes on a Windows/Steam PC setup! Don't stress if it doesn't work out of the box, you may need to reroute the usb cable from the topside usb intake to the hub on the back (worst case), but it'll work. Grats on the pickup, hope you enjoy the cabinet as much as we all have been.
  5. Kagaden

    Recreated SF6TA vewlix artwork by Strider973

    Posted with credit, thank you strider973!
  6. Kagaden

    Recreated SF6TA vewlix artwork by Strider973

    Includes @300dpi: -Marquee -Movesets -Instruction card Happy New Year!
  7. Kagaden

    Merry Xmas everyone!!!

    Merry Christmas folks! AP rules :)
  8. Kagaden

    Interest Check: Pre-made upgraded 161-in-1 multicarts - All spots filled - 11/13 : WAITLIST

    Heads up: Xenocrisis is $9.99 on Steam right now for the winter sale! Pick it up for your MVS/AES carts if you haven't already.
  9. Kagaden

    SF VI arcade hardware

    Yep, that's what wikipedia says too... hot garbage imo.
  10. Kagaden

    Viewlix OLED recommendations

    No burn in on either my VT60 plasma or LG Oleds here after many years of gaming, static content, and movies/tv. Just added an Alienware oled 34" about 6 months ago that's been great as a primary computer display too. Lots of static content for days at a time, no burn in or image retention with...
  11. Kagaden

    FOUND Busted CV1000 PCB

    Yikes, hope everything turns out ok rewrite! I'm afraid to ask what happened...
  12. Kagaden

    Interest Check: Pre-made upgraded 161-in-1 multicarts - All spots filled - 11/13 : WAITLIST

    I'd be in for an AES (with XC) and (if I could do 2) an MVS (with XC) if there's room :) Thank you so much rewrite!
  13. Kagaden

    Hello from Cali USA

    Welcome VodkaTonic, and welcome back to arcade heaven! Where are all these Neo cabs being sold?! haha Grats on the new addition~
  14. Kagaden

    Hi from Germany (Rüsselsheim)

    Welcome to AP Alex! I've always wanted an MVS U4 and a big fan of Neo Geo too. Cheers!
  15. Kagaden

    Greetings from USA

    Hi Cyndanera, welcome to AP! :thumbsup:
  16. Kagaden

    FS Vewlix Universal Monitor Mount

    I need some angel to make one of these for the PRas3 :love:
  17. Kagaden

    hello from the japan

    Yeah, just the artistic style. Very cool looking!
  18. Kagaden

    hello from the japan

    Welcome to AP! That game reminds me of Dragon Knight :thumbsup:
  19. Kagaden

    FS Game Saru cab imports - NO specialty requests until 2025 (updated 5/4/2024)

    Tailwind - Street Fighter 6 in 2 months. Headwind - Economy built on central bank MMT bullshit finally purging unless governments kick the can and make inequality, inflation, and financial crisises even worse later down the road. I put my money* on Street Fighter 6 being the more powerful of...