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    FS Arcade monitors for sale - CRT and LCD - D9200 D9400

    I have three arcade monitors for sale because I don't have a use for them at this point. 1. Wells Gardner 279400 - 27" CGA/EGA/VGA monitor Has been in storage and was working when last tested a few years ago; I don't have a unit to test at this point. Good condition and no burn-in on the tube...
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    OpenJVS - JVS Emulator

    I have the same issue; hopefully someone sheds some light on it. I haven’t been able to really get the Aimtraks to work well with OpenJVS and they don’t appear as configured in the menu.
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    Unico phoenix monitors - Opinions?

    So is it confirmed it is a 4:3 ratio LCD 25” monitor to drop-in replace a 25” CRT monitor? If so - that is awesome and a long time in waiting!
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    Unico phoenix monitors - Opinions?

    To clarify; the monitor is 4:3 or 5:4? Or is it 16:9 or 16:10? I know initially they were 5:4, but it doesn’t say that on the website as a direct replacement for 4:3 25” CRT.
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    FS Sega Type II parts

    Sorry, sold.
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    SOLD .

    PM sent.
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    FS DVDO iscan VP30

    PM sent.
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    FS House of the Dead 4 Sega Lindbergh game - complete and 100% working

    Working complete Sega Lindbergh HOTD 4 game - including 4 additional game cases and router firmware disc. Take all for $100 shipped.
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    FS  Yellow Lindbergh and games 100% working

    Bump…$450 shipped for Yellow Lindbergh and HOTD 4 game. Great bundle for someone!
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    FS  Yellow Lindbergh and games 100% working

    PM sent. I would go around $500 shipped for Lindbergh and HOTD 4 as the more popular and great game for the Lindbergh. Thanks.
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    FS  Sega GD-Rom player and games 100% working

    Bundle of Sega GD-Rom player and games - $175 shipped. I can sell GD-Rom and games separate - ask for prices. Games are: Virtua Tennis 1 Virtua Tennis 2 Virtua Athlete (Track) Virtua Golf Spikers Battle Sports Jam
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    FS  Yellow Lindbergh and games 100% working

    For sale - Yellow Lindbergh with House of the Dead 4 game and World Class Football Club with disks, CF cards, and bios. Bundle of PC and games - $550 shipped. I can break up as well if requested.
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    FS  Sega Naomi cart and GD-Rom games

    Here is a lot of Sega Naomi games - complete and working for all of them: Virtua Striker 2 ver. 2000 cartridge Sports Jam GD-Rom Virtua Athletics (Virtua Athlete) GD-Rom Virtua Tennis GD-Rom Spikers Battle GD-Rom Virtua Tennis 2 GD-Rom Virtua Golf GD-Rom $60/shipped per game; $100 shipped...
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    FS Sega Dreamcast To Jamma Converter

    I am not as familiar with the Dreamcast - so it looks like you can have the arcade control panel connected to the adapter itself and the peripherals, such as the fishing rod, can be directly connected to the 3rd or 4th controller ports of the console and used seamlessly with the cabinet/game...
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    FS Sega Dreamcast To Jamma Converter

    What is the link for ordering this again? It seems it works well with a Chamma adapter for those that have received one, correct?
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    Dreamcast - Naomi Capcom Panel Official Interest Check

    This looks awesome - however, can someone clarify the nature of which you would use the Dreamcast controller connections? Which games in particular are able to use them and can you play four player games with the joysticks and controllers at the same time? Do they work for all Naomi games...
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    FS Sega Dreamcast To Jamma Converter

    Is there any way to use Dreamcast peripherals with this adapter? Steering wheel, fishing rod, etc.? Thanks.