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  1. Bigblue709

    My build of Capcom BigBlue

    Original cabs have enough space for a subwoofer under the PCB support shelf. The cabs didn’t come with one originally afaik, but it makes modern titles sound a lot better.
  2. Bigblue709

    Sega Rally 3 rebuild/repair

    I finally got the cabinet all put back together. The coin box is staying off until it gets moved to its final location. Decided to keep the PC behind the screen to keep it away from footwear moisture. Plays like a dream 😃
  3. Bigblue709

    Sega Rally 3 rebuild/repair

    Yep, as well as any other driving game. You need to calibrate the strength of the motor driver so you don't burn out your motor, it can be done with a multimeter and some software utilities. I initially didn't realize this and overheated my motor at one point, but it's still working -- be...
  4. Bigblue709


    Full Love Live schematics in this thread GitHub project working on usbio support in regular windows here
  5. Bigblue709

    Found Undamped Namco Tekken 2 ROMs ?

    Very cool! I just received one of these in the mail today -- SOP/TSOP desoldering is beyond my ability, so I'm happy you were able to save me the trouble and risk!
  6. Bigblue709

    Sega Rally 3 rebuild/repair

    Back at this project lately after a long break. The motherboard is damaged beyond repair, with many small traces eaten by corrosion. Too bad. I sold the hard drive and security key to another forum user to help resurrect their SR3 -- organ donation is the only acceptable reason to strip a...
  7. Bigblue709

    How to safely take apart a cps2 B/game shell?

    Hatmoose nailed it -- you need to push in on the black plastic right where the clips are, but it can be difficult to know exactly where they are. Capcom's main tool for making sure they never broke was the security bolt holding the two halves together 😇
  8. Bigblue709

    Aje_fr: Multi CPS-2 Black

    Any updates on this project? Still dying to get my hands on one 😃
  9. Bigblue709

    Unico phoenix monitors - Opinions?

    Has anyone directly connected a jamma board to one yet? Let's see some photos!
  10. Bigblue709

    Unico phoenix monitors - Opinions?

    How's the viewing angle? Almost hard to believe I had $300 lined up to buy a TFT display last year.
  11. Bigblue709

    Unico phoenix monitors - Opinions?

    When did you order it?
  12. Bigblue709


    Six new EPROMs and it could be...
  13. Bigblue709

    Strikers 1945 break and fix

    I accidentally fried the PIC16C57 for this game while trying to dump it. Game would not budge past the security chip check. MAME source code (psikyo.cpp) says that Tengai uses the same board, SH404, and the same model PIC at u59. My burner can't write PIC16C57 but it can write PIC16F57, so I...
  14. Bigblue709

    CBOX/JAMMA Box Questions

    Have you checked the LED itself with a multimeter?
  15. Bigblue709

    CBOX/JAMMA Box Questions

    Does it happen with the snk/db15 inputs as well as the USB?
  16. Bigblue709

    SOLD Espgaluda Pcb

    Don't want to hijack OP's thread but I meant the PGM cartridge conversions
  17. Bigblue709

    SOLD Espgaluda Pcb

    Always wondered if anyone has ever done a side-by-side comparison with this board and the PGM conversion.
  18. Bigblue709

    WTB Infinikey CPS2

    I have a spare. Shoot me a private message if you're still interested
  19. Bigblue709

    D&D Shadow over Mystara - versions for conversions

    Yes, dates are in YYMMDD format so R1 was released three months after the other version
  20. Bigblue709

    Cps2 vertical bars after battery replacement

    I always do a two-hand squeeze around the area of all 4 connectors when connecting them. It's a lot of friction to overcome!