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  1. jammajunk

    CPS2 cardboard boxes repro

    damn, these are awesome
  2. jammajunk

    That "CD Quality audio" add-on board for Street Fighter 2 from aliexpress..

    Is there any info out there? Or video? I can't find anything on youtube, the search engine is way too poluted.. Seems like it's a board that will add sampled remastered soundtracks and sound effects to a regular cps1 board.
  3. jammajunk

    No D Button With HAS Supergun And Neo Geo MVS Board

    don't feel bad! Your post might help somebody else with the same problem in the future
  4. jammajunk

    Superguns...What's available now?

    There is basically nothing available right now except for the Axom boards. The situation kinda sucks, tbh. Everything is out of stock.
  5. jammajunk

    HELP - Tekken 7 account error; also any SSD support?

    it's pretty crazy how sloppy this seems to be. Wow.
  6. jammajunk

    iq_132's Neo Geo ports

    I would love to own a cart version of Cabal once the various issues will be fixed. It's one of my favorite arcade games, and I own the pcb of the joystick version. A MVS version of it would be superb
  7. jammajunk

    System 256 Backup problems.

    I'm going to say that it's probably a drive issue. Keep us updated
  8. jammajunk

    COMBO AV EX++ Supergun First Thoughts

    Is there a way to adjust the voltage on those things without opening the unit? Some later boards are really power hungry and I guess that if you cant adjust the voltage..
  9. jammajunk

    FS [FS] Capcom Multi CPS1 and Multi CPS2

    So hmm, what are the implications?
  10. jammajunk

    SD SDHC Memory Card Converter TF IDE 3.5 40 Pin Male IDE Hard Disk Drive Adapter ?

    I'm starting to think that there wont be any 'easy' solution. Damn
  11. jammajunk

    SD SDHC Memory Card Converter TF IDE 3.5 40 Pin Male IDE Hard Disk Drive Adapter ?

    i wish there was a solution to replace the old ide mecanical drives with something more recent like a ssd or something else.. I'm kinda stressed about my gundan vs gundam next drive
  12. jammajunk

    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    Damn, I hope the guy is OK :(
  13. jammajunk

    cps2 key blunder

    It's always a good idea to short the exc5 pins under the board once, just to make sure. When I was working on my boards, i had weird stuff like this happen before realizing that it's pretty important ot do it
  14. jammajunk

    FS Joko3 Personalized Japan Proxy Buying Services Are Back

    Super interesting, i'll be considering it. Buyee shipping has gone to complete garbage now, it's incredibly expensive.
  15. jammajunk

    SOLD Espgaluda Pcb

    The version of DOJ with the sound issues are on the older bootleg version that still sold online for like 90$USD. Not the fluffy version The music is playing at a lower sampling rate. It's not gamebreaking, but you can notice it.
  16. jammajunk

    FS Sega Dreamcast To Jamma Converter

    which jumper is that? I own a smallcab supergun, i just havent had time to play with it
  17. jammajunk

    Positive feedback for Bigblue709

    Original thread: I bought a ProGear conversion from him, with the original SFZ roms at a super good price. The box was expertly packaged, game worked right away. He also provided pics and video to show that it...
  18. jammajunk

    Atomiswave bootleg carts?

    it's really not bad, it'S only like a small section of the graphics of the white house stage, it feels like it's missing something. Just go for it.
  19. jammajunk

    FS CPS2, MVS, and loose PCBs

    sent you a pm about progear, who knows..