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  1. alamone

    FS PCBs: G.I. Joe, more soon

    Basically, look at the MAME romset of old and NV, look at what's different, then burn double size ROMs for each, containing old version binary first then new version binary. You'll need to write to EEPROMS that are double size of their originals. Then wire a switch, wherein the input is tied...
  2. alamone

    FS PCBs: G.I. Joe, more soon

    Old version best version imo... but if you want to convert it to NV it's just a simple romswap. Or you can make a dual cart like I did... View:
  3. alamone

    Espgaluda 2 (CV1000) repair of bad U2 NAND using JTAG

    Update - I applied the fix to the PCB and it appears to have been fixed, the glitches that used to happen don't appear. Here's an example of the commands that would be applied to write the NAND blocks. In my example I had to remove the bad block check from buffi's tool since the PCB had bad...
  4. alamone

    Espgaluda 2 (CV1000) repair of bad U2 NAND using JTAG

    I wrote a Python script "" to identify bad U2 assets from a U2 dump of a faulty PCB by comparing to a known good U2 dump, such as a MAME ROM set, relocate the bad assets to free NAND blocks, and generate replacement NAND blocks for writing to the PCB via JTAG using buffi's tools...
  5. alamone

    WTB Gals panic S2

    n/m according to mame it's asia version of S2. Should be a ROM swap to change the region if you wanted.
  6. alamone

    PCB price scraper - camelcamelcamel for PCBs?

    So, anything like this out there? What I'm hoping for is something like camelcamelcamel, but tailored towards arcade PCBs - would show historical sold prices on ebay, YAJ, surugaya, mercari, forums, etc. Might be hard to automate for forums, but ebay and YAJ you could probably use their API or...
  7. alamone

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    To be honest, I think getting a JAMMA 2-in-1 switcher would accomplish what you would want more easily than trying to shoehorn a Pi into the JAMMA Expander, but it's your money and free time lol...
  8. alamone

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Not sure where this is going - what's the point of using a Pi with this? I thought the whole idea was you would want to use a FPGA on your cab. If you want to use a Pi, aren't there other ready made options for that?
  9. alamone

    Positive feedback for Kuze

    Positive for kuze, purchased a Battle Garegga PCB and a Esprade PCB, both shipped quickly, wrapped securely and work great. Thanks!
  10. alamone

    iq_132's Neo Geo ports

    Recommend this: You might need to right click -> save as if using chrome as it might block the exe After installing, right click on the file, "Properties", and click on "Checksums" tab, check CRC-32
  11. alamone

    Positive feedback for AlxUnderBase

    Positive, purchased some coin mechs, arrived quickly and looks to be good condition, have not had a chance to test them yet but I'm sure they work fine.
  12. alamone

    WTB Small Candy Cab

    It was someone local on ebay, since you're in Norcal (I'm Socal) probably not the same guy.
  13. alamone

    WTB Small Candy Cab

    Man I didn't even know about those amuzy cabs until it was pointed out in this thread. I picked one up locally lol. Burn-in is pretty bad but I can deal, I might replace the monitor and see if I can convert it to a JAMMA cab. It's next to a Mini Cute repro cab. I was thinking of getting an...
  14. alamone

    iq_132's Neo Geo ports

    Sorry I haven't had a chance to test it out yet, I got some donor carts and hopefully will have time to do some conversions this weekend
  15. alamone

    Supergun RGB Attenuation in 2023

    DIY option, but this is the same 4-gang pot that is used in the NAC Splitfire: 4-gang because 3-gang aren't easily available, just ignore the 4th gang. You...
  16. alamone

    WTB Small Candy Cab

    I'm pretty sure that's not what he meant by "small" lol...
  17. alamone

    FS Want to trade some PCBs

    Good price, I'm guessing a lot of people are just fine with F3 bootlegs or multis...
  18. alamone

    FM Towns; the hardware, the games, the arcade ports

    Nice all-in-one and native tri-sync support is awesome but I think I'd prefer at least a 14" CRT size-wise
  19. alamone

    WTB WTB: Namco System 1 Motherboard or any Namco System 1 Game+Mobo

    My Namco System 1 has died (garbled video, probably CUS123 is dead), looking for a replacement board, let me know if you have anything for sale, thanks.
  20. alamone

    FS FS: Dead Seibu SPI board

    Oh, it's not your board, it's one I got from ebay a while ago as untested (untested usually means dead lol), thanks for the concern tho