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  1. chomponooch

    FS A lot of PCBs add a few more

    Dark Seal pm'ed
  2. chomponooch

    FS Captain America and the Avengers

    Could you share some Metal Black photos? Thank you
  3. chomponooch

    Positive feedback for sylphia

    another pcb arrived, all fine, instant shipment - thank you!
  4. chomponooch

    FS PCB, Atomiswave and MVS

    Extermination pcb pm'ed
  5. chomponooch

    FS Some good boards :)

    Space invaders DX taito pm'ed
  6. chomponooch

    FS Turtles in Time Konami Jamma Arcade Pcb

    I'll take Raiden -pmed
  7. chomponooch

    Positive feedback for gamescollector

    Very good seller. Items as described, working great. Fast shipment and good packing. The package had tough journey (external damage) but inside everything was packed tightly and securely. Thank you.
  8. chomponooch

    FS Some good boards :)

    Fantasy zone pm'ed
  9. chomponooch

    FS Some PCBs added Cowboys of Moo mesa

    Bio ship Paladin pm'ed
  10. chomponooch

    Positive feedback for AlxUnderBase

    Great seller and very friendly guy. Item as described, shipped very fast. Thank you!
  11. chomponooch

    FS closed

    One of my favorite toaplan's game - kit looks great - glws!
  12. chomponooch

    FS FS Violent Storm Knights of the Round Tekken 3

    prices lowered - offers are welcome :)
  13. chomponooch

    FS MVS stuff

    For sale: Fully working: Metal Slug X mvs set: - 1 slot mobo - Metal Slug X cart (original pcbs, replacment case, replement label) plus Metal Slug X original case (crystal green, bottom side is slightly deformed, pcbs holder is broken)
  14. chomponooch

    FS FS Violent Storm Knights of the Round Tekken 3

    Fighting Layer sold Tekken 3 added
  15. chomponooch

    FS FS Violent Storm Knights of the Round Tekken 3

    Violent Storm (Konami, asia vesion AAC) - after sound issue service, fully working 440€ -> 430€ -> 410€ Knights of the Round (CPS1 A+B+C, desuicided - B board with all original maskroms) 260€ -> 250€-> 230 € Tekken 3 (Namco...
  16. chomponooch

    Bootleg JJ Squawkers, different date on title screen, no sound

    Sorry for offtopic - I've same issue ( Mahou and some bootlegs with HAS) - how do you change speaker + / - ?