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  1. Shin

    Home Arcade System

    haha thanks for that 😅 we need downscaling on the 4K now too😁
  2. Shin

    Home Arcade System

    ... wow. you weren't kidding! so much new added features, and super useful at that🤩 looking forward to get one+8pin din to hd15, tell me via the email I replied to you when you have the time👍
  3. Shin

    Open Source USB2DB15 for Supergun adapter

    not yet, I don't think so no.
  4. Shin

    FS Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    come on, I just payed as much for the namco system1 board as for shipping 😂 count me in for one ! I'll get a zn/gnet one at the same time if available^^ any chance you can make something for the neo-mvh1? I use a cable, but would definitely put one of your kit to good use 😁
  5. Shin

    MITSU Wait list: Namco System 1 Multi new batch

    Please, add me to the list for one kit, thanks ^^
  6. Shin

    FS Mushihimesama Futari Black label - Another Ver. Full kit

    wow, great kit! given the hardware it might be helpful to mention if it's working and attach a photo of it, I guess. Good luck with the sale!
  7. Shin

    [FS] RECO PCB - JAMMA button remapping & rapid-fire device

    No prob at all, I'm sure as far as we're concerned, we'll all be there whenever it's ready, thanks for the heads up👍
  8. Shin

    [FS] RECO PCB - JAMMA button remapping & rapid-fire device

    Thanks for the heads up! so HAS 5.0 will be up for sale in march or later if I understand correctly? (no pressure, just scheduling expenses around it if I can, because I really want one, man 🤩)
  9. Shin

    NAMCO SYSTEM 2 Multi

    I want in on that list too guys :D , this system has so many great games, and my phelios is at the ready^^
  10. Shin

    M72 Reproduction ROM Board w/Integrated Multi - RTYPE SUPPORTED, OLED, SoftDIPS

    Wasn't Hammy working on a Hammerin' Harry m84 multi at some point? (sorry I haven't check back disregard if unhelpful)
  11. Shin

    Home Arcade System

    from what I understand Naomi "1", is a lot less picky in that department. I'd still recommand the Meanwell QD-150-3A for the N1, but most ATX seem ok for N1. (as for N2 it's picky)
  12. Shin

    Home Arcade System

    my 2cents : I'd advice against atx psu use with naomi"2" especially with netdimm+pi+cf powered from the naomi2😅 it is advised to use a good known working psu (I personally use a meanwell qp-150-3a) have the 5V lane at 5.1V off load, so as the ram module get what they really should be working...
  13. Shin

    AWSD Power Supply Interface PCB

    Hi everyone! Sorry to derail this thread, but would you know if there is any chance I can internally swap out the fan for a ‎GELID SILENT 6 FN-SX06-38 ? thanks a lot for any pointers :) Edit : tested, and too thick to fit inside as is.
  14. Shin

    IGS PGM cart PCB gerber files

    Thank you so much for your work over the years, and sharing it!
  15. Shin

    FS PCB, Atomiswave and MVS

    PM sent
  16. Shin

    Home Arcade System

    Congrats on the store^^
  17. Shin

    FS Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    Hi ! sorry to ask you a second time, but I randomly stumbled upon a Namco System 2 manual explaining the 48pins connector and I now realize this is for stereo speaker and headphone stereo ? (page "7" or "9" depending on what you're...
  18. Shin

    FS Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    I see, thanks 🙂
  19. Shin

    FS Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    nice!! any chanc this would fit the neo-mvh0 model withe the long board and metal guide? (or do you plan on making one for that model?) thanks!
  20. Shin

    FS Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    of course, it's normal :) tindie makes the whole process a lot more manageable for everyone too ! if you have a modkit in the works for the neo-mvh0 (metal cart holder), I'd love to test it, or a finalised version if you ever plan on making one.